Resorts Nationwide, Inc. Increases Advertising with Google; Along with “$200 Pay to Stay” Program, Increases Exposure for Owners

Resorts Nationwide, Inc. Increases Advertising with Google; Along with “$ 200 Pay to Stay” Program, Increases Exposure for Owners

Mount Dora, FL (PRWEB) September 02, 2011

Resorts Nationwide, Inc. has increased their advertising budget and has been advertising more with Google to enhance the advertising exposure owners receive. Resorts Nationwide generally budgets most of their advertising budget with the Orange Co. Convention Centers and various print advertising methods around the globe. They had been advertising on the back cover of various magazines, but did not have the response that they are having now.

The Marketing Department showed a dramatic increase in the amount of calls received by wwners to rent and buy their timeshares after working with a Google representative to enhance their advertising. Resorts Nationwide will look at increasing their advertising budget with Google after they review the end of the third quarters statistics.

Resorts Nationwide, Inc. has been advertising timeshares for rent and sale for independent timeshare owners for six years. The timeshare industry is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry. With the cost of vacations and travel increasing, time sharing is expanding all over the world. Resorts Nationwide, Inc. is a leader in the timeshare re-sales industry. Resorts Nationwide, Inc. is a marketing and advertising company for independent timeshare/resort owners who are interested in renting or selling. Resorts Nationwide, Inc. advertises and markets timeshares and is not involved in the actual rental or sale of the timeshare, all negotiations are done by the timeshare owners. Resorts Nationwide does co-op advertisements in magazines, newspapers, bill boards, internet, TV and many more locations.


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