Law Firm Web Marketing Company Now Offers Reputation Management Package

Law Firm Web Marketing Company Now Offers Reputation Management Package

Law firm web marketing consultant Tanner Jones

Raleigh, N.C. (PRWEB) August 24, 2011

All it takes is one negative online review or a critical comment on a social media site to harm a law firm’s reputation and scare away potential clients.

That’s why, Inc., one of the country’s leading law firm Web marketing companies, has launched a new “Reputation Management Package.”

The comprehensive bundle of services can help law firms to preserve their reputation for professional legal services and the brand name recognition that their attorneys and staff have worked so hard to achieve, says marketing director Tanner Jones.

“We’ve talked with lawyers throughout the country about their Web marketing efforts, and in almost every conversation, the main concern they’ve had is protecting their law firm’s reputation from online attacks,” says Jones, a veteran Internet legal marketing consultant.

Jones recently spoke on the issue of dealing with negative online reviews in an article featured in the nationwide legal publication, Lawyers USA. social media consultant Kenneth Harris also recently wrote an article on “Law Firm Reputation Management via Social Media” for the company’s blog site, which provides helpful tips and information on Internet-based law firm marketing.

“One of the most important assets a law firm has its reputation, so it’s a very understandable concern,” Jones says. “When the firm’s name is tarnished online, you can’t afford to ignore it.

“You have to respond positively, efficiently and effectively. That’s why we have designed a package of reputation management services that is thorough, generates positive publicity to outweigh the negative, and which can be quickly implemented.”

The need for online reputation management often arises when an individual, such as a current or former client, posts a negative attorney review on the Web, according to President Lisa M. Vaughn.

These comments can be generated through a law firm’s Facebook wall, a Twitter @ message, Google + Circles, Avvo’s ratings system, a Google Places page or any number of consumer review sites, explains the law firm Web marketing consultant.

“In some cases, these might be inane, mean-spirited attacks that have no value, but in other cases, the individual may point to a specific issue, such as calls going unanswered or billing problems,” Vaughn says. “It’s important to act promptly to address the comments and prevent potential damage to your firm’s reputation.”

The Reputation Management Package can help law firms by providing:

    Content – Press releases that bolster a law firm’s expertise and credibility and attorney profiles that highlight a firm’s skills, experience and dedication to serving clients.

    Social media – Active monitoring of a law firm’s Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts for derogatory messages and negative comments as well as consultation with law firms on quick reaction to the comments.

    Online law firm profiles – Creation of new listings or revision of existing individual and / or business profiles in areas such as Bing or Google Places.

    Search engine optimization (SEO) – Addition of a business profile page or a website directory business profile page that ensures that a law firm stays atop of the search engine rankings.

“Our Law Firm Reputation Management Package is designed for a rapid response,” Vaughn says. “A negative online review can be unnerving. We want our clients to feel at ease, knowing that we are getting to work right away at protecting their name on the Internet.”


Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Berea, Kentucky, was founded in 1999 and has grown into one of the country’s leading providers of law firm Web design, marketing and consulting products and services. The legal Web marketing firm has played a significant role in advancing Internet-based lawyer and law firm marketing through complete websites, content services, search engine optimization (SEO), legal directories, specialty sites, press release distribution, law firm videos, mobile websites, law firm social media pages and other Web-based initiatives. For more information, call Tanner Jones at (800) 872-6590 or (859) 353-7720 or use the convenient online contact form.


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