Going From An Employee To A Business Mindset

Going From An Employee To A Business Mindset

I was talking to someone recently who decided to start an online business, they had been working before as an employee and although everyone is different there are certain traits that often pop up in employees a lot more than business owners and this is completely normal because often employees and business owners have a different set of goals to achieve.

Going From An Employee To A Business Mindset

Here are a few things that employees tend to do or think more than business owners.

Life outside of work although some business owners also keep work and life separate it is more common that employees leave their job at a certain time and don’t think or wonder about work until the next day that they are due to clock into work.

Watching the time- Most employees know they are on the clock paid by the hour so they spend a lot of the day clockwatching looking to see when their time is up so they can escape work for the day and think about something else.

Doing the least amount possible without getting fired, but to be successful in your business you need to push yourself harder than in a job especially in the beginning when you are getting the business launched off the ground.

In online business, I see so many people who talk the talk. They claim to be ready to do what it takes to start their online business, but after getting their business set up for them they often quit before they even create their first 5 blog posts.

It is normally the same desperate people who are looking for a get a rich quick fix, but when it comes to investing or borrowing a few dollars all they do is complain without putting in more than 30% effort probably even less effort than they put into their job.  Of course, you will only get out what you put into your online business so if you quit on the first couple of hurdles then you are doomed to failure.

Being a success and being a failure on the internet is really only up to you and your mindset, unfortunately, many people who are broke remain so because of their mindset and attitude instead of needing a coach to help them generate money on the internet they often need a therapist to help them to deal with their problems or mindset coaching to stop them continuing to do things that stop them from getting or holding on to their money through self-sabotage.

I love Jim Rohn’s analogy of helping people you can carry one but you cannot carry three people on your back.   If you take one step I will take two the thing is a lot of people won’t continue to keep stepping forward they take one or two steps and then stop.

This week I made a short post on a social community I am in Here is the post    below


I spent $797 dollars this week buying a premium membership on this platform for a year as a favour for a couple of my clients I also bought an unlimited multi-site license $287 for some great quality WordPress themes. One of my clients for who I bought the theme for they are always too busy, and have missed countless opportunities to get the work done on the website.  That same client canceled their membership for their website a few hours before I bought the great themes that I was going to install on their site to improve their business. I went to install them this afternoon and the website was down as they hadn’t paid for their hosting.

They also thought paying $19 to run an autoresponder in their business was too expensive. Unfortunately with this mindset, people have absolutely not even a 1% chance of success.

I think in the future I am going to need to start weeding out these types of clients as the clients with little hope or without the right mindset for success as they seem to be the ones I spend the most of my time with.  And both of us get the least benefit from it. When it comes to being successful in life and business it’s never a good idea to play the victim or crap magnet as I discussed in earlier posts

So before you try to cheapskate your way into your next business, ask yourself have you moved over from an employee to a business mindset yet.

If not then to set up an online business may not be suitable for you or your pocket.

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Going From An Employee To A Business Mindset

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