Excitement Sells – Are you Excited About Your Business?

Excitement Sells – Are you Excited About Your Business?

After a few weeks of being really sick. The last day or two I sat down and got really stuck into my business, and when I say my business I literally mean my business, not someone else’s.

I have been spending large amounts of time with other people helping them create and set up their online businesses, unfortunately, I have made a few too good to be true offers and have realised that people who do not put in enough cash to start their business often are not motivated enough to make it work. As they really have nothing to lose as they never put anything into it in the first place.

The great thing about being sick and suddenly feeling a bit better is that it gives me the opportunity to sit down and work properly on my own business for a change, I find quite often that people get in their own way when starting up an online business, with stupid stuff that is often irrelevant.

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Thank’s to many years of blogging and marketing experience, when not held back by anyone I tend to get really creative and come up with many great new ideas and often bit’s of content, funnels ETC.

And today has been one of those days I thoroughly enjoyed just sitting down all day creating new CTA’s on my websites and blogs and opt-in subscription videos as well.

And now as I work on my latest blog post I can start seeing all the stuff that I have been doing coming close to fruition.

The truth is it is hard to get people who actually listen or utilize their mentors properly when it comes to creating a new online business for themselves.  They either mess around all day chasing passwords or wanting to perfect things, things that will hold them back and stop them from earning money because they are being persnickety about something.

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Then there is the know it all students they have made a few quid and often haven’t been in business for 6 months, but think because they made some money that there is no point in listening to their mentor.  This is often a down the road disaster waiting to happen but they might wait a few months or years down the line before they figure that out.

One of the greatest things I love about my online business and really there are so many things I love is the passive income, getting money and often not even knowing where it came from, that is really cool but of course there are many other things that I love and excite me about my online Internet Business.

  1. I get to sit at home while other people spend hours in traffic.
  2. I get to make my money spend my money and then get taxed on the profits instead of getting taxed at source like an employee.
  3. I get to choose websites that interest me and things that interest me and get paid for writing, talking via videos or podcasting about them.
  4. I can get paid to share other peoples content.
  5. I get paid passive income which comes in month after month year in year out.
  6. I got to see all my kids grow up.
  7. I got and get to take my kids to school.
  8. My kids know me as well as their mother, not many dads can say that.
  9. My business is pretty simple, it’s not easy but it is simple, I could show anyone how to do it if they listen and are interested.
  10. I can honestly say I am pretty much unemployable, I could not go back to a job for all the money in the world unless I owned the company of course.

One of the things you need to ask yourself when starting or running your business is are you excited? Can your team members, your customers see that you really love what you do?

If they can then you will have a lot happier customers and team members in your business, which means you are much more likely to be successful at what you do.

Have you ever walked into a business and seen employees who really did not want to be there?  Let’s just say it doesn’t exactly make you the customer feel homely or happy to be using their products or services.

So whatever it is you decide to do, get excited about it, don’t make it miserable hammering the phones or Facebook messenger 24/7, killing yourself to earn a crust.

In this day and age, you have many systems to leverage your time and your money that can work 24/7 so you can do some work and then take some time off and continue to make money while you sleep.

If you haven’t yet decided to start your own online business then this may be a perfect time, feel free to contact me in the live chat on the bottom right-hand side on the website, or hit me up on social media if you have any questions. The best way to get me fastest would generally be on Messenger.

Or you can order your own business blog setup package Here

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Excitement Sells – Are you Excited About Your Business?

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