Why Better Capture Pages Increase Your Online Income

Why Better Capture Pages Increase Your Online Income

You need to ask yourself some questions if you are really serious about making money online .  There are a lot of people who are not and a big question is what will seperate you from them?

You need to ask yourself some questions to work that out and look at yourself and your business like an outsider would.

One of the things are there are a lot of companies these companies and business opportunities in many cases have exactly the same duplicated capture pages or even just duplicated websites.

The only problem with this is that once someone has opted into or visited a company website once or twice the chances are they won’t do it again. So if the business opportunity or website is brand new that is fine.  On the  other hand if it has been around for some time .

Then people will not want to register/optin a second or third time in most cases. Unfortunately this is bad news for you if you are trying to build a list or get some new business.

The  good news is that in this day and age you do not need to use the companies capture page or even their website in some cases.  There are lots of different tools and trainings out there to help you.

The bad news is not all of them are easy to use or simple to understand. So this can be another minefield for you to cross in your online business. Yes it can be hard or you can join me and learn the simple way to do it.


The secret of  creating a successful capture page is a balance of a few different things

1. It has to be something that people are interested in or want to know more about.

2. They need to be curious, curiosity will get you lots of subscribers if you do it the right way.

3. A good headline – This is very important you need the words to stand out and speak to them if you want the maximum amount of clicks on your capture page or options if what your headline says does not interest them they will visit someone else’s instead..

4. You can offer something for Free that they cannot get any where else.

5. It could be unique?  If your offer is unique and your capture page is unique and offers something different from everyone else. That could be enough to drive people over the edge and give you their email address.


The secrets of making more money from your capture pages

If you want to make more money from your capture pages and increase your overall sales in your business, short or long term then your conversion rate is very important.

What is my conversion rate?

Well if you send 100 visitors to your website and 5 of them give you their email address- opt in to your capture page  then you have a 5% conversion rate.

If 20 people out of the 100 give you their email address then you have a 20% conversion rate.  The more targeted subscribers you get on your email list the more people will buy from you over a period of time.

One of the great things about the capture page software that I use is that you can see exactly what your conversion rate is for each capture page..

So you know if it is good or if it really sucks, obviously if it is no good after sending a few hundred people to your site you want to change it, and increase the amount of people who opt in.


You can also do split tests  easily using the software for example do two capture pages the same and just change the headline, or else you can split test two totally different capture pages. Whichever you prefer.



Why Better Capture Pages Increase Your Online Income

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