Why Work From Home Or The Beach..

Why Work From Home Or The Beach..

When I was a child my parents both worked in our Greek Restaurants when I compare that too many other peoples family lives around work etc..  It had it’s for and against reasons. The good thing was our house was in the same building as the restaurant so at least we got to see each other.  If I wanted I could work there as well and did frequently, the bad thing about having a restaurant was it took over your life from morning till night six days a week. All you did was wake up shop prepare food cook, entertain customers sleep and do it over and over again. On weekdays you would sit and wait looking out the window hoping that customers would come in so that you would have some money to buy food and groceries for the next week.

Friday and Saturday would go crazy everyone in wanting their food at exactly 8 oclock  and you would make a lot of money to pay the wages,electric,rates food for the next week and rent or mortgage. We had two restaurants and my parents separated so my dad ran his restaurant in Botanic Avenue in Belfast and my mum had the one in Newtownards..   All my friends though we where millionaires because we had restaurants which was kinda funny and so far from the truth.. They had no idea.

Dads Restaurant In Botanic Avenue Belfast
Dads Restaurant In Botanic Avenue Belfast

I got to see my dad on a Sunday or I would maybe go and work in his restaurant in Belfast at the weekend. And get £45 which at the time was like a fortune. 🙂 But once again  what I learned about the retail business is that it is your life. You sell your time for money pretty much all of it with no choice to be or do anything else..  Unless your business is properly systemetised then you are the business. This was something I knew deep down at an unconscience level. But it wasn’t until I went to a seminar many years later that the reality of it truly hit me..

This was the seminar here is a small clip taken from that event.

Now for me things are very different I have three wonderful boys and I have the freedom of choosing when I work or when I do not. In my main business I can earn up to 10k a month even when I am not doing hardly doing any work like last month. Yes I can go out with my sons any day of the week pick them up from school every day.  And make a lot more money than most people make working their butt off.

I don’t need to sit in traffic or pay the government hundreds of pounds a week driving to and from a job.  I have a awesome comfortable  office which I love..  And do work late on many occasions ..  Not because I have to because I love too….  :-).

At the moment I am looking for motivated dedicated people who are willing to learn stuff and put in some time and effort to learn how they can generate a 5 figure monthly income online like me..  (My results are not typical so they are not guaranteed) But then again neither am I or the people that I want to work with..  If you think you are interested in working personally with me on my team then click the contact me page and send me a message.

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Why Work From Home Or The Beach..

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