Why I No longer Allow Bio’s On Top Of Guest Posts

Why I No longer Allow Bio’s On Top Of Guest Posts

I receive requests for guests posts on my websites regularly if they are good content and seem like a good fit for my readers, then I will publish them.

A while ago one blogger asked me if I would publish guest posts on 5 of my blogs, they sent me the blog posts.

Now when you accept a guest blog post. The writer would want a link to their website and or maybe a little bit about them inside a bio section as well in return.

Why I No longer Allow Bio's On Top Of Guest Posts

As a rule, if you go to any article submission website or forum, they will allow you a bio and a call to action or website URL. That you can put in the bottom of your article or content.

And of course, this is perfectly understandable, as you wouldn’t expect them to create you this great content, without getting something beneficial in return.

Unfortunately in the last 5 articles I received, the writer placed his bio and picture at the very top of the article. So instead of people coming to read an article, the first thing they are hit with is someone’s picture and a blurb about this blogger.

The thing is that people did not click on the blog headline or title. To be sent straight in and read a blurb about the author, yes, of course, it’s nice to be well known or recognized, but at what cost?


This would be something that I might have done as a rookie, back when I first started blogging, Wanting to have my stuff at the top, etc. There is however a slight problem with this, firstly imagine you go into a restaurant and decide to go in and order a meal.

Next thing, as you lift the menu a waiter comes out put’s a plate of stew in front of you. The waiter tells you about the famous chef who makes it.  Yes, this is your main course and you are expected to pay for it.

The thing is you didn’t ask for the stew in the first place. In the same way the customers did not click on an article title to be sent to another website.

Yes, people came to my blog to read an article about  7 Social Media Tips For Online Business Success

The first thing they see is a picture of the author and a link to their website.
If they click on the link they don’t even get to read the article that they clicked on to read in the first place.

The whole point of the article is meant to be for SEO purposes, and to provide great content. Then after reading the article and enjoying the content. The readers have the option of finding out more about the author or visiting his website.

As a blogger and affiliate marketer, I have lots of CTA’s that I would like people to click on to find out more about me or my business, but even on my own blogs or website, I would never assume to put the CTA /Call to action before the readers/visitors get to read the actual content.


To me, it’s another form of spamming, it’s completely unprofessional looking and it assumes that people will want to know about you. Even before they read two words of your article, which I would say even seems to be a bit on the rude side.

My general room of thumb is to create an educational or useful piece of content. This could be a video an audio a blog post, or infographic after you have provided the content and the reader has read or enjoyed it. Then it is time to make an offer at the bottom with a CTA Call to action at the bottom in the bio section.

Some calls to action could be, visit my website, follow me on social media, get a free gift download or training. book a free 30-minute coaching call etc.

So if you are requesting a guest post from me at any time in the future. Please make sure to put your BIO at the bottom of your article.

You can get posts on my websites by visiting https://www.wecreateyourcontent.com/sotiris


Why I No longer Allow Bio’s On Top Of Guest Posts

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