Why I Don’t Fly On My Holidays

Friends of mine often ask me why I don’t fly when I go on a proper holiday there are many reasons for this in today’s post I am going to talk about a few reasons I hate to fly. And it is not because of a fear of actually flying in a plane I actually like that part okay.

Why I Dont Fly On My Holidays

Okay, so where do I start?

  1. Having to arrive 1 or two hours early to be able to actually get on the plane as they shut down the gates about 30 mins before the flight is scheduled for take-off.
  2. Having your bags weighed and trying to juggle and shuffle items into your coat pockets so your bag is not over the weight barrier.
  3. Different flights having different baggage weight allowances, you come to one country with your bag to exactly the right weight then you go to get the next flight and they tell you their weight limit is 5 or 10KG lighter what ate you supposed to do? Through your belongings in the skip?
  4. Not allowed to bring your razor or liquids over 100ml in your hand baggage, in my eyes this is about thievery, not safety you buy a bottle of water at one airport it’s okay to take on the plane then at the next airport they take the same bottle of water off you as it is not allowed for you to bring a bottle over 100ml through security.  This is a scam to make you buy your water and razors at every stop before having to throw them out again. 
  5. Breathing the germs from a few hundred or thousand people from the same tiny cabin for hours at a time.
  6. Being stuck in a seat where you cannot move for hours at a time without having to climb over 2 other people or the two people having to climb over you depending on what seat you are in. 
  7. Having to stand in queue for 20 mins while some official stares at the passport and gives everyone funny looks while trying to figure out if you are the same person on the photo.
  8. Officials making up one rule when you travel by car and another rule when you travel by plane ended up with my mother being deported from Bulgaria one year after traveling for 24 hours.
  9. The sights well can you can see the sights at 30,000 feet in a plane I don’t think so when you go by car you can stop off wherever you want for as long as you decide to. 
  10. Going through radiation scanners in case you have a machete or rocket launcher somewhere dangerous and getting a nice dose of cancer-causing radiation to take with you on your trip. 
  11. The joys of public transport trying to hawk around cases while looking for trains, buses, taxis, etc often in the middle of a bustling city, definitely not one of my preferred moments. 
  12. If you are lucky enough to get an inside window seat you need to be twiggy if you don’t want to be rubbing your shoulders off the plane above the windows for the next two hours.
  13. Traveling with friends chances are they will put you in separate seats so the chances of communicating or chatting with your friends on the plane may end up being slim to none. 
  14. Now with COVID masks, you are going from travelling somewhere with tainted recycled air, to not getting oxygen at all only the ultimate sheep will be happy to comply with this masked BS wearing in planes. 
  15. 14 Day Quarantine this BS is the pits no matter what way you travel but on the plane with the passports and stops it just feels so much worse we won’t let you in unless you give us your phone your address where you plan to quarantine IF YOU DON’T WE CAN GIVE YOU £1000 OR £10,000 FINE and if you want you can also download our app so we can track your ASS.  Welcome to the 2020 COVID Police state and flying travel freedom RFLAO…

There are probably a few more reasons that I have for not flying but I am sure you don’t have all day or night so will leave it at that for now. 

Here are a few pictures from our 2020 two months driving holiday across Europe.

On The Way To Holland 

At Madurodam Holland 



At Graz Austria With The Boys



At The Denevi Resort St Vlas Bulgaria And Sons In The Pool



Lunch In Sunny Beach Bulgaria With My Sons


Dinner in Obzor Bulgaria



Shopping And Lunch In Burgas


Sinemoretz Bulgaria



Dinner By The Beach In Obzor 



Indian Dinner In Castle Douglas Scotland



The Trip Back From Cairnryan To Belfast 



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