What’s On Your To-Do List?

What’s On Your To-Do List?

Do you want to do more stuff in your life? Do you have dreams about things you want to achieve, things that you want to do? If so have you made out your To-Do List?

I regularly write down things on software that I have and on my whiteboard in the office that I want to get done, things I want to accomplish, things I want to buy, etc.

Whats On Your To-Do List


Your subconscious mind is one of your most powerful tools

and when you tell it what you want it starts going to work in the background looking for ways, opportunities to make things happen to get what you want. I regularly write down things I want to get done, things I want to buy, Places I want to go and after a while as if by magic they all eventually seemed to get ticked off my list as completed.

The biggest mistake most people make is they forget to decide or write down what they actually want, when you don’t make decisions then eventually your life starts falling into other people’s plans. The people that actually make the decisions and write down what they want in there life are the ones that get what they ask for.

I know one particular person in my life who often gets pissed off and tells me why do I always get what I want, of course, the reason is simple I write it down, and then my subconscious mind wanders off looking for ways to make those things happen in the background.  It looks for ideas to make more money to buy the things I want, It looks for the tools or vehicles which I need to get to take me to the destination that I am heading for.

It really isn’t rocket science and if you believe you will achieve these goals it makes it much more likely to happen as well.

What kind of things can you put on your to-do list?

Of course, there are the basic simple things like what do you want to have for lunch or dinner you think about it. Then make the shopping list and you go out and get the ingredients you need to create it.

Where do you want to go on holiday? You start by looking online or in a travel agent window, or you think about holidays you have been on in the past, you think about how long you want to go. What will be the financial implications? How much will it cost you in time off work from your job or business, how much money will it cost to do all the things you want to do on your holiday.  Then you come up with a number how much money it will cost and you start working or saving or decide if you can afford to take that amount of money out of your bank account without damaging you too much financially.

What car do I want to drive? Through your experiences and ideas, you start deciding what vehicle you want how much will it cost you and you start thinking about ways to raise the money to make that purchase.

Where do I want to live I believe there are two things that happen here people either what or where they want to live, or they just accept something less than they actually want because they have a subconscious belief that that’s all they could afford to get. People who live in a council estate often will not plan to live somewhere else because they think at a particular level and that can keep them there for their whole life.

So your beliefs or shopping list can move you forward or keep you stuck in a bad place, another reason to make a to-do list of what you really want, not what you think you deserve or can afford.

So if you want to upgrade your life here are a few things I have put on my list in the past that have all happened.

  1. I want to go on a trip around Europe in the car to Greece and Bulgaria (Happened at least 5 or 6 times)
  2. I want to buy a 9 seater VW Transporter to take my kids to Europe (Done)
  3. I want to buy a 7 seater to take my family to Europe (Done Twice)
  4. I want to buy a reliable VW Passat to take my kids to Europe and for my business (Done)
  5. I want to buy an Automatic Classic Mercedes Benz (Bought 3)
  6. I want to buy a £4500 water filter so my kids don’t have to drink toxic water (Done)
  7. I want to buy a £500 Vitamix so I can make my family healthy smoothies, nut milk, and icecreams. (Done)
  8. I want to buy a £250 juicer so I can juice organic celery every day for health purposes.
  9. I want to buy a top of the range 27 inch iMac (So I can take my business seriously and not ass around fixing cheap windows viruses and software) (Done)
  10. Buy me a £2500 Macbook Pro so I can work while travelling around Europe from anywhere. (Done)
  11. Go to Europe in a campervan (Done)
  12. Will take my wife to see her great granny in Bulgaria before she dies (Done)
  13. Will do a 101 Blogging Tips Video Training Series (Done Twice)
  14. Will create 600 plus websites (Done)
  15. Will make over $100,000 in online income (Done)
  16. Will never work another job in my life again (So far for 15 years done)
  17. Buy a saladmaster $4000 cooking set instead of using teflon toxic pans (Done)
  18. Build a beautiful victorian conservatory (Done)
  19. Buy a property in a hot country by the sea (Done)
  20. Have at least 5 properties and rent them out and get passive residual income (Done)
  21. Make hundreds of thousands buying and selling properties (Done)
  22. Buy properties in multiple different countries (Done)
  23. Buy Development Land (Done)
  24. Buy Agricultural Land (Done)
  25. Fix up multiple properties and shock yourself at the difference (done)
  26. Make an infinite return on investments with no money down (Done)
  27. Build residential and commercial properties (Done)
  28. Have a bank account with hundreds of thousands of pounds (Done)
  29. Buy a huge whiteboard to teach from and write down my goals (Done)
  30. Bring up wonderful children who I am extremely proud of (Done)
  31. Have a property near the Sea (Done twice)
  32. Have multiple passive income streams coming in whether I work or not residually. (DONE)
  33. Enjoying the good life with my family (DONE)
  34. To be a great chef (Worked as a chef in two restaurants when they achieved Michelin Stars (Done)
  35. Do all my chefs and Advanced Pastry exams and become great at it (Done)
  36. I want to help people to set up their own online business blog so they too have the opportunity to make money online (Done hundreds of times)
  37. Do a 30 Day Blogging Challenge (In Progress)

These are just a few things that I have put down on my to-do list in my life and done, the question is what’s on your list THAT YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND CAN GO TO WORK ON TODAY?

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