Why Vaccines Kill And Ignoring This Fact Is Killing Your Loved Ones

Why Vaccines Kill And Ignoring This Fact Is Killing Your Loved Ones

Recently I was in a conversation with someone who was working in a very low paid kinda miserable job.  As we got into the conversation she said I used to be a doctor, but I quit because all the things we where told to prescribe where causing more harm than good to the patients. She couldn’t live with damaging people, poisoning them and luckily she was one of the people who could put 2 and 2 together.   Now this wasn’t someone online from a country a zillion miles away! This was someone living in the same place as I live in Northern Ireland.  So telling me, oh that doesn’t happen where I come from will not rub off on me.

why vaccines kill

The problem is people are programmed to listen to authority, and even if it is downright dangerous they will still follow the route of authority.  So even if the British postal services and TV licensing are under the  IBM group of companies people believe TV licensing is the government lol…  Of course, why would anyone question authority..  HMMM

Vaccines are absolutely full of toxic compounds, including Mercury,Formaldehyde to mention a couple of them..  They cause everything from Leukemia,cancer,autism and too many other diseases to mention in this article.  The fact is huge drug companies make billions yearly peddling legal drugs to unknowing sheep every year.. Sheep who listen to the media that these companies own, the schools that are run by the same people, Where do the teachings come from in medical school from the people who run the medical systems who are of course associated with the profits generated by making or keeping people sick.

Ask yourself a question and really think about it instead of letting your brainwashing ignore it.  Ask yourself how much money would you be worth to the drug companies if you were healthy.  Not a heck of a lot, but now if you have diabetes,heart problems,cancer,mental problems,arthritis you become worth billions.   Yes, you think they want to help you?  To cure you but you are well mistaken, they want another regular customer. As soon as you are diagnosed with cancer your hospital has already 100k in the bank even if it is in electronic form.   Yes of course they do not give it from their pocket, it comes directly from the taxpayers working their butts off to be poisoned.

Now, after reading this you could be completely ignorant and even stupid and say this is a conspiracy theory..  A theory is something that is unproven if you look into and do some research you will realize that everything I am saying here is true..    Why are they putting mercury amalgam fillings in peoples mouths knowing how toxic they are.  How come you have to pay for non-toxic fillings, but amalgam fillings are subsidized by the government (I.E. The taxpayers)   Why are they putting fluoride a potent neurotoxin into your water and toothpaste.  Why are the allowing highly carcinogenic cancerous substances like aspartame and all the variations of it for people who know about it. Into all the everyday foods on the supermarket shelves.

Why are they spraying us with poisonous gases, including aluminium and barium, which cause many sicknesses including Alzheimer’s disease which is mysteriously going up throughout the world.

? Did you know that the swine flue vaccine was patented a few years before the first ever case of swine flu

? Did you know that the Aids virus was man made in a laboratory

? Did You know that in the UK they have made a law that says if anyone has cancer the only treatment anyone can legally mention is chemotherapy

? Did you know when your kids are born and you create a birth certificate you are signing your kids over to the state.  Yes, that is why they can take your children off you because you have given them consent.

? Did you know that 95% of people who get chemotherapy treatment for cancer will be dead in 5 years

? Did you know that 40- 60% of people with Cancer  who don’t get chemotherapy will be alive in 5 years

? Did you know the man who discovered ADHD said on his deathbed that it was a made up illness

The people who run this world run it through fear. They want you to be scared and listen to authority, even if it makes no sense or will and can be your demise or the demise of your loved ones.


Fear of not getting vaccinated

Fear of not doing what you are told.

Fear of being arrested in case your children do not attend  the public education system every day by means of fines and threats to take away your children. 


This is not how life was mean’t to be and unless you wake up it will continue being forced upon you..


There are many of us being oppressed and a few of the oppressors running the hamster wheel.

The joke of it is, it is people like us doing the oppression to ourselves and our own family like Police,Doctors,Social Workers,Chemists,


Yes Officers you need to terrorize innocent people for money approach elderly ladies and fine them for going 10 miles over the speed limit to feed the corporations.

Yes the doctors who follow orders without question dishing out vaccines, chemotherapy,antibiotics, and ADHD pills

Yes the dentists who put mercury fillings in peoples mouths daily, in fact, one of the most highly toxic poisons on a daily basis and recommending toothpaste with Fluoride another neurotoxin.

Yes not forgetting the chemists who dish out the mix of chemicals which kill people off bit by bit and keep them coming back for more till they die.  


When I see cancer charities going round shopping centers asking pensioners for donations to find a cure for cancer it makes me sick.

There are so many cures for cancer, but anyone who cures cancer is repressed attacked not allowed to practice or called a quack.

The cancer money goes to the big pharma to look for a cure that is an absolute disgrace.  They know the cures why do you think cannabis is illegal and tobacco isn’t ?

Tobacco creates diseases  = $$$$$$$$ for the big pharma, and cannabis cures diseases= Bankrupcy for the big pharma.

My friends if you still think the pharmaceutical companies are looking out for your health?  You are either incredibly dumb or have been watching too much TV or had ten years brainwashing at medical school.


Recently one of  my friends who I told not to vaccinate are waiting for their child to die of Leukemia after 3 bouts of chemotherapy (I also advised against this) Not once did they approach anyone who actually cures people with Cancer or Leukemia  or contact anyone, because they were brainwashed by the medical profession don’t ignore this message do the research and not from a government big pharma sponsored website. I will be giving you lots of resources below.

Please note you need to take responsibility for your health and not entrust it to a stranger who works for a corporation with an agenda to make sales of toxic medicines.


Do You Need A Pill For Every iLL?


Please do not construe this as medical advice, it is just my personal opinion



There are lots of examples I have put for you in the link below






Full Seminar On Health And Wellness In Dublin With DR Brian Clements




Why Vaccines Kill And Ignoring This Fact Is Killing Your Loved Ones

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