USI Tech pulls the plug on US and Canada

USI Tech pulls the plug on US and Canada

When you do stupid stuff once it’s a mistake, it’s fine you gotta learn from it. When you do the same kinda stuff over and over again. To your friends and followers  after a while you start to look like an idiot.
Fortunately I decided not to invest in Bitcoin or this one as it looked like another ponsi in the making. Unfortunately a lot of others who didn’t use their brain will be scrambling round now trying to pickup the pieces of their multi million dollar dream businesses.

Which have just disappeared with the news from one email. I cannot say I am disappointed to not be having to contact my team to tell them them their business just got fucked up.  Especially after they probably forked out a fortune to get involved with it in the first place.

One great thing about being in business, is being able to figure out the difference between a real business that offers some kind of useful product or service.   VS a business that is built 100% on Hype And Bullshit and make believe numbers.    To get people to join based on fear of loss of something that was never their in the first place.

The Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort speaks on Bitcoin and Ethereum!!

Fast forward to 8 mins to see his advice on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency



USI Tech pulls the plug on US and Canada

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