Update on Article Marketing for 2012

Update on Article Marketing for 2012

Article marketing is alive and well. I know that’s not what the pundits are saying. Many folks are saying that it doesn’t work. Well, it doesn’t work if you are writing respun, rehashed, copy cat content that is already online. And never should have. You wouldn’t want to read rehashed, respun, clones, copy cat articles online, right? Neither do your prospects.

Having said that, what is the purpose of article marketing? Well, it is the #1 way to get the search engines to see that you have content that people should read. You see, your site, if it is NOT getting much traffic – probably will NEVER get much traffic if you don’t alert the search engines that you have good content on your site. But you can’t do it by link-bombing like so many people try to do. Don’t buy packages of links. Google catches you, your traffic rankings go away.

Instead, use article marketing. Here’s how it works: when you submit an article to a well-ranked article directory that already gets lots of traffic, Google is alerted to the new content. They search it and see if it is worth sending you traffic from. If it’s a good article, they might rank it in the search engine. If it is a bad article, they probably won’t. So that’s the number one key: if you are writing BAD articles, of course they aren’t getting traffic.

But the key with article marketing is this: if you are writing articles, you are naturally getting links from the article directories. THAT’s what Google likes. Natural links. And that is the real beauty of writing articles. Because you don’t have to focus on seo; instead, you just focus on writing articles, writing good content, and just let the article directories do their work.

Here’s my recommendation for maximizing your end of the traffic: Have 2 domains, one with a squeeze page on it, the other with content on it (like a blog where you post 2 new articles each day, one in the morning, one in the evening). When you write and submit an article, send one link in your resource box to your blog, one to your content site.

Focus on getting the search engines to rank YOUR content on YOUR site. The way to do this is to get quality back links to your site. And the easiest, consistent way to do this is by article marketing.

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Update on Article Marketing for 2012

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