Top SEO tips and tricks that always work

Top SEO tips and tricks that always work


Driving traffic to your website of blog is the key to success of any online venture. Optimizing your website or blog for search engines (SEO) is the best way to get traffic.


But with search engines like Google changing their algorithms every now and then SEO is a challenge for even expert internet marketers, forget internet marketing newbies.


The year 2011 saw many algorithm changes. Some experts believe that Google may make around 500 changes to this algorithms this year.


Here are some time-tested SEO tips and tricks which are easy to incorporate into your websites and blogs.


SEO tip 1: Content will always be the king. Ensure that the content in your website is original, informative and entertaining. The content should be human friendly and search engine friendly. It is a good idea to use original photos and interesting videos, as long as they do not impact the loading time significantly.


SEO tip 2: Ensure that your website or blog loads fast. This will make it easy for search engines to index your pages. If you have a blog, ensure that you have a clean code structure.


SEO tip 3: Do not place many advertisements above the fold.


SEO tip 4: The number of people using mobile devices to search the web has increased phenomenally in the recent past. Experts believe that this trend will continue. Keeping this in mind, it is advisable to keep your content to-the-point and to include a call for action at each and every page.


SEO tip 5: Create as many backlinks as possible periodically. The more the number of good quality backlinks, the better it is for your website or blog. Ensure that you create backlinks in high PageRank websites which are relevant to the subject.


SEO tip 6: Focus on keyword research. Ensure that you have the right and relevant keyword. Many keyword research tools are available online. Ensure that the keyword is used in the title. It is advisable to have a keyword density of around 1.9 percent. It is also advisable to use the keyword in the first 25 words of your content.


SEO tip 7: It is advisable to avoid duplicate content on your website or blog. However some internet marketing experts differ on the subject. They say that it really does not matter.


SEO tip 8: Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus offer immense opportunities to generate traffic to your website or blog. Share your content with your contacts in these social media network.


The above-mentioned SEO tips and tricks are implemented by many successful internet marketers. By incorporating them into your website or blog, you can be assured of high PageRank, irrespective of algorithm changes.


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