Top 7 Tips How Content Marketing Can Help Your Small Business

Content marketing is a lucrative way for small and medium businesses who want to connect with the customers at an economical price. It is one approach to create content, provide value, and drive huge traffic. Content that blares with your audience that can help you to establish authority and expertise in your industry. If done in the right way, it will enhance your business and help you achieve your business goals.


Content marketing fails when objectives are not clear, the target audience is not decided, unsure about the process and lack of time, all these objectives impact the final output, which means your strategies do not achieve what it needs to. So the most important things – Objectives: What is the goal?  Strategy: How to achieve it? If these things are clear, you have reached halfway to create engaging content.


So let’s take a look at a few tips and practical approaches that will help you in content marketing.



  • Know your audience



Identify your target audience. Know for whom you are creating this content. Think about how your knowledge can help them.  To know your audience, do some research about the interests of the audience, do these interests are covered in your business? You can also look at your competitors, evaluate their practices, brand, and the type of marketing strategies they use. 


The first Indian mobile commerce application – Paytm approached to know its audience in a smart way. For the customer to keep enjoying the services of Paytm wallet, they have to do KYC. Paytm kyc point a point where this procedure is done. So Paytm has kept these points by keeping the audience in mind. They must have done demographic research first. So this is the perfect example of knowing the audience.


You can also conduct various surveys to know more about the audience. These surveys can ask questions related to your business, and look at the response of the audience. It is a very practical approach to know the audience.



  • Be authentic



Do not be afraid to share what you know. Do not try to be someone else in the process of driving more traffic. Be proud of what you know and do not be ashamed to share it. GST has been an evergreen topic. Take a look at these statistics by Forbes. So if your subject is state code in GST, share all the details that you know genuinely. How you can impart your knowledge about the topic, in a unique yet simple way that it resonates with the audience.


So amidst this competitive market, do not lose your charm and connect with the audience in your own unique way. Try to be simple, unique yet popular among the audience. 


  • Create engaging content



Content defines you, your work, and your brand. It is a mirror of your intellect. So you cannot just write anything and hope to get huge traffic.  Content creation is the same as storytelling. What is meant by an engaging blog? People love to engage in stories, in a similar manner try to include short story tales in your content. Remember, content is a forte. Create content that keeps the audience engaged. Create such articles that increase the curiosity of the audience.


Create interesting and engaging articles. Choose topics wisely which describe your business. Share whatever you know and whatever you believe in, so that the audience gets to know you and your work. The content should solve the queries of the audience.  

If you fail to provide good content, it will definitely affect your profits and brand value.


There are a huge number of contents out there, so if you do not provide quality content, the audience has hundreds of options. So just think how many customers you are gonna lose with improper content. You can also write about small business ideas through which people can get to know about different ways and scope of any business they can start.



  • Provide Value



Content is the first impression of your brand. So provide valuable content. Through the content, you represent your brand. Try to answer these few questions – 1. Are you communicating and connecting with the consumers with your content? 

  1. Is it offering value to the audience?
  2. Is it clear enough and does justice to the topics?
  3. Is it representing your true self?


What is your purpose in creating this content?  Is the goal to provide awareness, value, or any other?  So focus on providing value out of the content to the audience. The audience will revert by visiting your blogs.


  • Add Graphical content and videos



The content can be made more attractive by adding graphical statistics, gifs, and videos related to the subject. Sometimes people do prefer watching a video rather than reading a long article. Through videos, you can interact and connect with the audience in a better way. Make attractive banners and images of the subject to connect more with the audience. Use different tools to make these images. So many tools and software are available.


Let’s say your topic is the Gst registration limit – you can add various graphical images and videos related to this topic.



  • Observe and answer comments



Everyone has a comment section after each article. There may be possibilities where the visitors do not post comments, or sometimes post comments. The perception of the comment section has changed a lot in the past years of content marketing. Whenever any user leaves any comment, always reply in a polite manner. Even if the comment is rude or harsh, always always always reply in a polite manner, maintaining your brand dignity.


Creating solutions for customers is the primary concern. So when in the comment section you get comments to work on something, do try to implement that. So with this once you have identified your true customers, create content focussed on them.



  • Track your performance



After following all the above steps, track your performance. There are various tools available to do the analysis. This can help you to know which of the articles are most viewed, which keywords are being used to search, the rank of your article, etc. So after knowing these parameters, you can alter the content to make it more efficient.


It is important to keep track of your work because if you do not, you will not realize your weak and strong points, also efficiency and productivity will not increase.


Google Analytics is the best and free tool available. It will provide you with insights into your work, and how better it can be made. You can also add the option to share blogs on different social media channels such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. to reach out to more audiences. You can also track this, how many of your blogs were shared. So, tracking the performance is an important aspect to know about your ups and downs and to work upon the points needed. Introspecting is the key.



You can increase conversion rates through effective content marketing. The base is to decide the objectives and set strategies to achieve those objectives. So with effective content marketing, you can increase your online presence, brand value, recognition, and build new relationships.


Get started today, set small goals, and try to achieve those.

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