Top 10 WP Plugins Of The Week


As always been having a hectic week I was just having a few thoughts the other day about Internet Marketing and just thought to myself how much easier my life has been made by using WordPress Plugins I would be completely lost without them or if not lost I would definetely have a increased workload to do every day of the week, what about you? I am going to list some of my most favourite plugins in the list below check them out tell me if you are using them and if so what you think and any cool new plugins you recommend and are using right now. I am going to list them in a random order instead of listing them in a best to worst fashion. Feel Free to post a comment below telling me your top ten plugins 🙂

1. Yoast SEO Plugin
2. WordPress Salesletter Plugin I would be lost without this one as I hate writing copy It has ready made headlines copy etc just install and watch the videos in 30mins you will have a cool salespage with compelling copy.:-)
3. Autoblogging Plugin OK sometimes it’s nice to write all your posts yourself but if you like to take time off from some of your websites from time to time then this Autoblogging Plugin is a pretty cool plugin
4. Social Share Buttons this button includes Facebook Like button,stumble upon button,Pinterest Pin It Button,Twitter Share Button,and a Linked in share button.
5. Simple Facebook Share Plugin is a share button for Facebook once you upload and install this plugin you need to go into settings to configure it to appear and whereabouts on the page you want it to appear.
6. Support Plugin gives you a wordpress support centre built into your wordpress blog or website not one to be missed..
7.This is a real cool piece of kit get your website Iphone and Android ready in 5 mins using this cool plugin wp touch.
8.Have ready made auctions on your website using this cool free plugin get rid of all your unwanted clutter and get the bids started.
9.Here is my favourite plugin for building a huge mailing list you can increase your subscribers by 500% using this plugin
10. Google XML Sitemap Plugin not the newest but one you should add to your plugin arsenal for sure

Top 10 WP Plugins Of The Week

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