Tips For Cloud Computing Security

Tips For Cloud Computing Security


There are many people who are hesitant about adopting cloud-based computer systems.  This is not an unfounded concern because data security is one of the major concerns for IT professionals when it comes to cloud services.  If you are a data-sensitive organization then certain services are not equipped to address the privacy and security you require.  This is due to many services offer servers to a number of customers and this could result in your data being lost as you have little control over the server.

Tips For Cloud Computing Security

Private cloud computing is a solution as it allows control that HIPAA and PCI organizations require for their data to remain secure.   In terms of security, the amount of control you have is vital.  This is why many IT professionals will choose a private cloud system over a public cloud system every time.  When you look at cloud computing options there are certain security tips that you should remember.


Knowing Where Your Data Is


It is impossible to know how secure your data is if you do not know where it is being stored.  While you can use intrusion detectors and firewalls to keep out intruders and data encryption to keep files safe you need to know where your data goes if you stop using a service or they go out of business.  When you are able to state with certainty that a machine holds your data and only your data you will increase the security.  Dedicated hardware is essential when choosing cloud services as they help keep data secure and pass even the hardest security guidelines.


Have A Backup


Having a secure backup of all the data being held on the cloud system is something that may people overlook.  This is one of the easiest ways to control your data should anything happen to the server or the cloud computing provider.  Having a backup does not secure the data, but it does secure your business functions which are just as important.  There have been large companies like T-Mobile who have lost customer data and been unable to retrieve it because they lacked backups.


Data Center Security


You should ensure that your data center takes security seriously and it is recommended that you know which server and data center your information is being stored in. You should also ask the provider about all of the security measures that are in place.


You need to see that they are SSAE16, SAS 70 and SOC 2 audited while finding out if they have any clients who are PCI or HIPAA certified.  Having a managed service also offers the benefits of making your applications more robust and resilient. Any reputable data center will also offer antivirus, firewalls and intrusion protection on their servers and allow for increased security measures on managed servers. Check out this list of reviews of virtual data centres


Get References


If you have doubts about the service you should ask them to provide client references where strict security measures are required.  These will be clients they have in the healthcare, insurance and financial sectors as well as any government offices.  Of course, the references will not guarantee anything, but if other clients have similar security needs to you the provider should be a good fit.  It at all possible you should see if you can actually contact the clients to see what they use the service for and whether they are happy with the security on offer.


Before you choose a cloud service you need to ensure that their security systems are right for your business.  If you work in a data sensitive field the servers need to be protected and secure.  A managed server might be the best option for your business to ensure the security is up to standard.

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