The War On The Hospitality Industry And You

The War On The Hospitality Industry And You

If you haven’t yet figured it out yet the Corona Scamdemic is a war against the people and all your liberties and freedoms, one of the top places they are hitting is the hospitality industry, places like restaurants and bars hotels, and guest houses.

As someone who worked in the hospitality industry, I understand what rip-off governments already get from the industry already let’s face it for anyone who has started a restaurant from scratch they will already understand what it’s like to be robbed by the government and public health agencies.

If it looked like they had many problems to overcome before to start or run a hospitality business the latest stuff has been way beyond ridiculous. Going into a restaurant and being literally attacked at the door to rub a toxic mixture of sanitizer over your hands, being told to wear Facemasks made with toxic chemicals to walk a few feet across a room before being allowed to take them off to eat your food, drink or sit at the table. What an absolute ridiculous load of bollocks this is.

Here is a comment from Belfast Telegraph Article today about Covid showing a picture of an empty hospital that is at full capacity LOL

Your governments and corporations have been lying and suppressing anything truthful told on social media about what a total scam this is.  Lying about causes of death inflating numbers saying that people with the flu are now mostly marked as Covid cases. With even half a brain and a little bit of research, you should be able to realise what a scam is being perpetrated on the people.

The hospitality industry has never been attacked in this way before, they are putting you in a position with their lies so you will end up being forced down to close your businesses because thanks to rents, mortgages government taxes, and having your business shut down during the peak periods of custom so there will be no way to play catchup.

Then they pretend to give a fuck by launching these stupid eat out to help out campaigns

What human being wants to go into a bar or restaurant wearing a mask to protect them from a virus (When it states clearly on the masks that they don’t protect you from anything)

The bottom line is they want you chipped vaccinated with their toxic new Corona vaccine which actually alters your DNA, they don’t want you to have access to cash if you do not obey so they can control your money via cards or a chip. They want to make you have a vaccine passport so they can pump you full of toxic vaccines before you can go on a holiday, they want the population reduced as written on the

Georgia Guidestones

Maintain a population under 500,000,000


Want To Read more about the Georgia Guidestones Click Here

Bill Gates YouTube Video.


Bill Gates Want You To Get Your Vaccine Quick 

Not only are these nutters trying to exert total control over the people but it is no longer a conspiracy or secret to the sheep. Any sheep can open up the mainstream news and see it for themselves what they are doing to you is right in your face. The question is can you see it or are you blinded by the mainstream media brainwashing telling you it’s good for you. Telling you that they are protecting you, even in the dark ages this level of control or misery wasn’t put upon people.

Click Here To Watch The Covid Exposed Movie


In case you are not sure yet what a crazy scamdemic we are in the middle of I will leave you a few links below that may help you confirm it if you haven’t figured it out already.


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If you look at it properly you will realise all the things that people do and enjoy in their lives have been stopped or made very difficult depending on whereabouts in the world that you are living in.

Going out for a drink in a pub or bar or out for a meal in a restaurant Either stopped or ruined by absolute idiotic regulations.

Visiting your friends or even in some cases your family members you are not allowed in the house but up to six of you can sit out in the garden in the October rain.

Living at different addresses sex could be banned    Click Here

My son went out with a group of his friends a few days ago there were more than six of them in the group walking distanced apart in the park and two woman starting photographing them before Police appeared to give them warnings.

I had police arrive at the door 4 weeks after coming back from a two month holiday to Bulgaria after doing a two-week lockdown telling me I was breaking my lockdown a month later so that they could fine me £1000 or £10,000. Fortunately, I had FB Live videos of me getting off the boat in Belfast one month previously. When this can happen we are now clearly living in a Police state.

Kids walking round the school with masks on even if they say the kids don’t get or transmit the virus, why are they wearing toxic masks then?


If any of things make you realise that there is something weird going on and a lot of lies about Covid 19 being told welcome to the club. 


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This is generally my rant or digital marketing blog I don’t often talk about this stuff here but it is getting to the stage if people don’t say no to this stuff we will soon be living as chained up slaves, refuse to put up with this shit open your mouth protest blog do whatever you can, our kids future is up to us and what we do right now.

Be careful with censorship as it is a problem in this post I talk about alternative video sharing and alternative social networks that you are less likely to get censored on as the mainstream networks are censoring the truth like crazy.

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The War On The Hospitality Industry And You

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