The Secret Is In The Signature

The Secret Is In The Signature

What!!  HA

I am sure you are wondering what I am talking about and judging by many of the blog posts I see online.  Most people surely do not know,at the end of the day when you have spent your time and energy resources creating content for your blog or website. Should you not deserve to get a desired result from the effort you have put in?

I believe that you should after all there are some things we do for our health or for pleasure, but when it comes down to your online business any time you spend that doesn’t get you any results is time that you can not get back. I cannot stress enough to you the amount of times I see a blog post or website with some content or information on it.  And when you get to the end of the post you are wondering what to do.. There are no links to click on, Nowhere to opt in for more information in many cases there is not even an ad to click on.

Now for some people that may be the idea of heaven?  Especially a total minimalist I can just see the empty room with the white walls of a room with maybe one seat in the middle of it if you are lucky. 😉

Unfortunately from a marketing perspective if that is your website, if there is nothing left to do then it really is a total waste of space.  If you want to be a broke blogger it is perfect, if you have a fear of money due to past programming it is perfect. Or at least you maybe think it is as you won’t have to step out of your comfort zone, you can stay right where you are.   On the other hand if you are in this business to create an income then this is not the way to go..  Unless you have some other secret follow up system already in place of course..

When you go to post content before you even start your post the first thing you need to do is work out the purpose of your post? What do you want your prospects or visitors to do after they read it, there are many options here.

1. You may want them to subscribe or optin to your list?

2. You may want them to purchase a product?

3. You may want them to upgrade to a product?

4. You might want them to click on one of your ads that you get paid per click for?

5. You may want them to follow you or add you or subscribe to you on some social media sites like You Tube,Google Plus,Facebook,Pinterest,Twitter etc…

6. Or you may be are warming them up for your next product launch?

Of course you can start writing a fresh call to action with each post and in some cases it will be necessary to do that ..

But this is where the secret of a signature comes in handy.

Now we aren’t just talking about signing the bottom of the post we are talking about having a few lines of relative content with a few calls to action or commands added to them. Remember if you don’t tell someone what direction you want to go, then they can’t take you there. Of course blogging is naturally the same if you don’t tell someone why they should buy your product or subscribe to your list then you can’t expect them to, especially if there is nothing to buy or subscribe too.

A signature could also include a picture of you or something you are selling with a link to buy here would be an example.

And of course once you have made a good signature you can just copy and paste it below your blog posts. This will save your time energy and imagination so you can use it for better purposes.

Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.

Henry Ford



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The Secret Is In The Signature

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