The No1 Sin Of Internet Marketing

The No1 Sin Of Internet Marketing

I see this all the time and it is the No1 way to guarantee a unsuccessful online business.

The No1 Sin Of Internet Marketing

It is not just one sin but a handful of them that to me will destroy your online business and income in the short term and the long term.

  1.  Being cheap trying to start an online business without buying the tools you need to run it properly.
  2. Not having an autoresponder or trying to build a database or even worse cancelling your autoresponder to save a few dollars a month this is the height of stupidity, and pretty much guarantees that you will not build up a database of customers or a successful business online.
  3. Not having a proper method to take online payments and in this I do not include the dinosaur payment buttons from paypal in my opinion they suck. And they will lose you a fortune.
  4. People not understanding what your business does this is a huge one many people suffer from.
  5. Quitting to soon starting or putting your business online but quitting before it becomes successful.
  6. Expecting to have a successful business online without doing any work at the start.
  7. Looking for the greener grass and following the next silver shiny object.   If you keep looking for greener grass instead of watering yours chances are you will always be looking for more green grass and never stay in one place long enough to get any benefit from your business.
  8. Trying to learn by trial and error, even though it works you could spend years doing this how much money is a year of your life worth?  One good mentor could save you 5 years of heartache it is cheaper to pay for coaching than wandering around aimlessly for months or years doing things wrong.
  9. Taking things personally people will come and go, the reason why a small percentage of people become successful online is because many people do not have the drive,willpower,discomfort in their lives to make them decide to make a change. When someone says I am going to give this business a go, a try they have already decided to fail.  Once you burn the boats as Tony Robbins says, you aren’t going back to your old life.   But if you are giving it a go chances are you will be soon be back in your comfort zone.  Living a mediocre or below mediocre lifestyle. Back where you started following the herd of sheep, back to the life of job security and lotto tickets.

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The No1 Sin Of Internet Marketing

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