The Lead Funnel A Quick Guide

A lead funnel represents the entire path that leads take in getting to be paying customers. It is usually divided into a number of stages: awareness, curiosity, interest, consideration, action, and purchase. Many companies use lead funnels nowadays to maximize their marketing strategies, speed up the direct-response-conversion rates, and even save their budget.

Lead flow is usually defined as the path of a person or persons who are interested in what you are offering and are willing to make a buying decision. The process is simple. The lead company contacts in your target market through an electronic, mailed, or telephonic invitation. They inform them that their services or product can be obtained at a certain price and then remind them of their obligation to provide information regarding your product. As long as you deliver what is promised in the invitation, they will surely be interested to know more about the company’s product. This is known as the “conversion” stage.

The next stage is known as the “Concern”. At this point, the lead has a very high interest in your product and is ready to buy it. But because of his or her interest in your products, the person is still skeptical. He or she is thinking whether they are really willing to pay money for it or not. After all, he or she has been promised the best. But if you do a good job in convincing your prospects, you can convince them to buy your product or service.

At this point, you have to persuade your prospects to purchase your product or service by providing them with benefits. One of the best ways to do that is to create a “benefit chain”. For example, if you offer them free shipping on a certain number of products, they will definitely try to purchase them when they need them most. And that is the “interest” stage at the end of a funnel. However, if your product or service has great features and value, you have to make sure that your prospect will definitely want it once he or she receives it. You can use the “delivery” stage to ensure that your prospect will definitely purchase it once he or she has received it.

The “action” stage is when the person who has been invited decides to take the action you have mentioned in the lead funnel. This is one of the most important stages of your funnel. After you have convinced the person to make a purchase, you have to get him or her to actually do something about it. That is why it is so important to use a system to help them.

The last stage is the one called “Purchase”. In order for your lead funnel to work perfectly, it is important to follow the above-mentioned steps to ensure that each step of the process is followed properly.

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