The easy way out is for losers?

The easy way out is for losers?

This may not sit well with everyone but there is a reason why more than 95% of online business owners fail.   And today if you have done or are using an excuse for being part of that group I want to dispel a myth for you right away.

It’s not because online business doesn’t work!!  It’s because you don’t work- when I say YOU don’t work I do not mean that you never do anything though in many cases that is and may well be true..

If you are failing in an online business then you probably suffer from the 5% Effort Syndrome ..

Putting in 5% effort and expecting or more than likely hoping for  100% of a result..

Or you may fall into the other category putting in 80% Effort before running out of steam a few days or weeks later.

Or you may just be lacking the common sense factor?  Sometimes when selling products and services online you need a bit of common sense,  in my time I have had one or two team members that where really severely lacking in that department.

Lack of common sense can be made up for by giving 100% Effort or 100% Commitment.

But if you lack common sense, commitment, a desire to put a large effort into building a life changing income and long term staying power then the chances are your life and income may suck..

Let’s face it if you cannot work consistently for a year or two in order to create a lifechanging income for yourself and your family.  Then what future have you got short of hoping or waiting for an inheritance, a handout or a luck lotto ticket..

Okay you can always go down the non secure job security route though personally I think that sucks worse than anything else..

Watch the video below and see Robert Kiyosaki’s view of being an employee.

The reason I have earned nearly 50k with just  one of my many online business models is I do not quit…  I may have holidays , I may have lazy days but when it comes down to it I get back down to marketing my business online.

In fact even when I don’t do any work I can make over 2000.00 or $3000.00 dollars in one day (What about  You?)

Either way you can chose to win or chose to be a loser it just depends on what actions you start  doing regularly so why not just get started doing something today.


Remember time is more valuable than money so remember that every day you waste by not  taking action on fulfilling your dreams and lifetime ambitions.  Is a day you will never get back, so make your days count.


Switch the television off and start focusing your time and energy on a business or goal that can change your life and the lives of the people around you.


One other great tip is practice gratitude and stop complaining!!  When you complain you become a walking talking crap magnet.  The more you complain the more shitty things life will throw at you it is like a self fulfilling prophecy..

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The easy way out is for losers?

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