TeamPromote: Taking Advertising in a New Direction

TeamPromote: Taking Advertising in a New Direction

(PRWEB) August 26, 2011

To provide for effective and responsive advertising in increasingly competitive times, TeamPromote has introduced an innovative marketing platform for advertisers and promoters. At its center is a form of Word Of Mouth advertising of personally recommended items where teams of promoters share their enthusiasm for an advertiser’s products and services.

Businesses from Corporations, through Affiliate programs to Home businesses, will find that TeamPromote has a platform of marketing and advertising tools suited to them. Advertisers can take advantage of cost effective methods for promoting their products and services.

TeamPromote offers the ability for advertisers to establish unique campaigns to increase sales, capture leads and offer special deals.

Advertisers create campaigns by submitting basic information, logos and links to the items being advertised. The length of a campaign and the budget for the funding are also decided when creating and activating it.

TeamPromote provides comprehensive reports during a campaign to give advertisers data for decision making about and modifications that could improve the effectiveness and future directions.

Specifically for Advertisers TeamPromote offers three major benefits. First the campaign will generate responsive traffic to sites where their products and services are offered, generating sales. The second benefit is the ablity to use promoter contact details for building a team of promoters who can be engaged in future advertising efforts. Thirdly, the production of the Landing Page used in the campaign will generate backlinks to the advertiser’s site, increasing its rank.    

To complete the picture in this newly released advertising platform are Teams of volunteer promoters who opt to join Advertisers’ campaigns. These promoters can use and adapt materials and tools provided by TeamPromote.

During the campaign, statistics are tracked, providing real time data for analysis with potential for effective modification to improve results.

Promoters in a TeamPromote campaign are rewarded for their successful efforts in those campaigns. Cash rewards are provided from funding provided by the advertisers when they create the campaign.

Effective promoters can choose from active campaigns that have products and services they are happy to promote. They can edit the tools to endorse and share their enthusiasm.

At the conclusion of a campaign, rewards are shared to promoters based on the proportion of clicks their activities have attracted. Advertisers benefit from sales generated during the campaign, and with the information provided can target the most effective promoters for extra bonuses.

Managers of affiliate sales programs will find the TeamPromote marketing platform particularly responsive.TeamPromote provides incentives to overcome the problems of getting active affiliates to build sales. In their promotional efforts, Affiliate Managers can set up to recruit affiliates for their program who will spread the word about the products both during the campaign, and later. This also has a double benefit for promoters who work during the campaign for the cash rewards, with any commission from sales they generate also going to them.

Advertisers in TeamPromote gather a promotional team who generate sales, contacts and exposure . Promoters are rewarded for their successful promotions. A Win/Win for all participants.

This innovative marketing platform has introduced the Advertising 2.0 business model and has been developed by the team at APSense, a professional Business Social network with thousands of serious internet marketers.


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