Success Tips – By Jim Rohn Part 1

Success Tips – By Jim Rohn  Part 1

When it comes to inspiration nobody in my mind does or did it better than Jim Rohn everything he said was stated in a simple but easy to understand way.

Today I want To Share Some Of Jim Rohns Tips For Success With You.

I hope you see the amazing changes in your life and business that I did..  🙂

Learn The Simple Economic Formula That Works For Everybody

We get paid by delivering value to the marketplace (The People) This can either be through a product or a service

-Jim Rohn-


What you become, pays much more that what you can bring.  ( The Value You Become)

Here are a list of Quotes and Sayings from Jim Rohn that can and will change your life (If you allow them too)


Help people to see themselves better than they are

Work harder on yourself than you do on your job

Don’t be lazy in your language

Your Income is determined by your philosophy


If you want to massively increase your income here are some things you should do –

You have got to learn more than one skill, by adding just one extra skill you could make your income grow exponentially.

Learn a second language and give it as a gift to your children

Be so busy giving recognition that you don’t need it for yourself

Learn to effect other people with your language

Teach people how to be a leader

Learn how to inspire people.

Become an expert at finding good people

Learn the skill of getting people to work together

Reward people for making small steps of progress in their life or business

Show people how business works

Show people how life works

Get good at training…



And above all always remember 

Your Income Is Determined By Your Philosophy

—Jim Rohn—

Success Tips – By Jim Rohn

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