Social Media Success Strategies

Social Media Success Strategies

Tonight I was asked how I make money on social media sites, well of course I had to think about it a little.  Of course there are many ways and strategies for making money using social media but one really good way is to build a following of people. Some of the biggest mistakes people make when using social media for marketing is not doing their social media tasks regularly.  Social media tasks would include adding new friends or following people.  Interacting on social media with peoples posts with comments or information.

Not updating your social media accounts regularly with relevant or interesting shareable information. Of course there are lots of different social networks. Though for me when it comes to social networking I generally recommend using the top social networks for marketing your online businesses, products or services. These are also the main social networks I personally use

1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. You Tube

4. Pinterest

5. Linked In

I also use another 2 business networks for socialising, connecting with likeminded people and also sharing informative content. These include the WA community and my favourite income source Empower Network I also have you tube video on How Do I Pinterest as well which you may also find useful when it comes to getting traffic to your website using Pinterest


Social Media Success Strategies


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