Social Media Likes Why Do I Need Them Part 2

Social Media Likes Why Do I Need Them Part 2

Most people think of social media likes as Facebook likes but there are lots of other types of likes one example is you tube views if you have a you tube channel the amount of views you have on your you tube channel and ratings and comments will help increase your SEO ranking on Google plus it also helps make your video look popular not everyone wants to look at a video that has only had two views for obvious reasons so getting You Tube views likes thumbs up and comments and You Tube Friends and subscribers increases your influence when you post things. And also helps you get more traffic.

The same can be said of twitter if you have one twitter follower not too many people are going to see your tweets on the other hand if you have a few thousand followers on twitter then you should definetely get some clicks on your tweets if you make them interesting enough. There are lots of different ways to get followers on twitter including the twitterplan there are also other services available where you can pay for followers. Plus many twitter tool websites where you can pay to get your twitter account featured which in turn will get you lots of new twitter followers too.

Another good way to get likes on your websites etc is using linked-in by placing a linked in share button below your posts and pages of your website. I am not a big linked in user but I do know lots of Marketers who are using it very successfully and making lots of money from it. If we want to learn more about it this i a great resource you may want to check out.

The other place to get likes in fact my favourite is on Pinterest I think that if Facebook is like home and Twitter is a party then Pinterest is a shop window for what people want, and for marketing I think it is excellent. I think now is a great time to build up a large following on Pinterest so get to it.  🙂  I have made a website showing how I get more Pinterest followers my friend and fellow Pinterest fan Mariana Juliette And Sotiris Bassakaropoulos have set up a training course and webinars on How Do I Pinterest  feel free to visit our website for more information and training  Click Here For Instant Access  and make sure you enter your name and email to get notified of any upcoming events and webinars  on the top right of the page. Will see you at the top 🙂  If you missed part 1 of this post you can read it Here

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Social Media Likes Why Do I Need Them Part 2

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