Should I Delete My Facebook Account?

Should I Delete My Facebook or other social media accounts

I have seen a few people talking about this recently and thought it would be a good topic for todays blog post.

If you have been on Facebook or online lately you will have probably heard about the Facebook privacy issues or about the ex Facebook employees talking about how Facebook was engineered to give people a dopamine fix. And keep them coming back to Facebook for more.

Should I Delete My Facebook Account

I am sure you have also heard some of the Facebook CIA Jokes like the meme below.  As it is well known that everything on Facebook is just a huge data mining centre, for government agencies and private corporations too.

Suddenly the last few months it is becoming A big topic for conversation, but for me there is nothing new there really.

Anyone who hasn’t already realised what is going on is either too asleep or too busy in their J.O.B. to give it a second thought.


I got a call last night from someone who told me they where thinking about deleting their social media accounts. For me personally hearing that made me wonder why you would ever want to delete your Facebook account. Or any other social media account for that matter.

Here would be some of the arguments or ideas people will give you, or be toying over when deciding to delete their social media accounts.

Q 1 If I delete my Facebook account I will no longer be giving corporations and government agencies my information. 

Answer.  This is a myth, If you have a smartphone or iPhone a Google account, Or you use Google Maps, Google search or a million other devices then you are trackable. And in many cases recordable.  If you have been on Facebook or any other social network, then they have all your information anyway.   Just because you delete your account, does not mean they will delete the data compiled about you.

Q2 I am wasting too much of my time on Facebook, If I delete my account I will get my life back. 

Answer.  If you have spent lots of hours or even years on Facebook, sharing your opinions life story, memories etc.   Considering they already have all your information anyway, what would be the point of deleting the account? Would you not love to have access to your great grandparents Facebook account if they had had one?

Q3 If I delete my Facebook account I will show them by removing my account that what they are doing is unacceptable?

Answer Unless huge amounts of people  did this, it will probably not make a big difference to Facebook or any other social networks  either way.

Q4  If I delete my Facebook or other social media accounts will it have any effect on my business/businesses?

Well that depends on a number of things,

Are you marketing your business on Facebook?

Have you strategically filled in your social media profile/profiles to let people know about your business and what you actually do?

Have or do you share links or promotions, about your business on your Facebook profile, pages or groups?

Q5 What will be the down side of deleting my Facebook or other social media accounts?

If you have been on the social network for a long time then, lots of your data, messages, photos, videos, memories and advertising, jokes and entertainment will all be wiped out. Publicly of course but not to all the other agencies who already have stored your information. You will also lose all your friends, followers and contacts that may have taken years to build.

Q6 What are the other good or bad things about deleting my Facebook accounts?

Advantages – People can find you by typing in your name on a Facebook search, when combined with your pictures it can also make it easy to find you, I have got in contact with long lost family friends, school friends. And know someone who found their long lost adopted brother via Facebook.

Disadvantages – If you do not want to be found, then it could be a disadvantage being on Facebook. Although you could also use a pseudo name even if it is not recommended by Facebook terms of service 🙂

Q7  I think I am wasting too much time on Facebook, and it is interfering with other more productive things that I could be doing with my life. What should I do?

There are 3 options here which you can do.

1. Just keep everything the way it is and do not login again, unless you decide to go back on to the social networks.

2. Minimise your time on Social Networks by setting up a schedule to login either once a day, once a week, once a month etc.  To answer messages, check updates and statuses and your private messages.

3. Delete everything – For me I cannot see any reason why anyone would want to do this unless you are being pursued by the mafia or something lol..


Q8 Someone posted a negative comment on my social networks or sent me a negative message?

Answer  Welcome to the real world, yes you are alive. Some people will love and some people will hate your opinions, business, lifestyle, body, race, gender, how you look.  Get over it.  You cannot hide in a corner all your life in a cave to avoid all things you do not like. And if you do then your life will truly suck and you will miss lots of amazing things along the way.

When someone negative comes along you have a few options. What you do will depend on your demeanour and attitude to things as well.

  1. Answer them back and explain why they are wrong, or return their negative comments until they cannot handle it anymore.
  2. Ignore their messages or delete them and use the block button to cease all other future communication with them.
  3. Laugh at all their comments.  After a while they will probably get pissed off dishing out their negativity.
  4. Embarrass them or make them feel smaller than what they just tried to do with you.
  5. Leave Facebook and the social networks cowering in fear of a few negative idiots, who’s lives suck so much they have nothing else to do than pouring out negativity on social networks.
  6. If it is really derogatory or cheeky their messages you could report them to the social network for rude or unsociable behaviour.

To answer your question, unless you are hiding from a something or someone.  I can not see any real benefit in deleting your social media accounts, but obviously you need to weigh up your own pro’s and cons and make that final decision yourself.

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Should I Delete My Facebook Account?

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