Security Tips that will Prevent Hackers from Gaining Access to Your Data

Security Tips that will Prevent Hackers from Gaining Access to Your Data


Security data breaches are becoming more and more common today. In the year 2013 alone, we heard of cases where even the big companies such as Evernote and Facebook were hacked. Well, one thing is clear for sure, all these companies have workers whose mishaps result to the data breaches.

Security Tips that will Prevent Hackers from Gaining Access to Your Data


According to research, over 60 percent of the breaches that happened in that year were caused internally. Whether it was a hacker uploading a corrupted file to their servers, or something simple as sending the wrong email to the wrong individual, it’s quite clear that security data breaches have become a norm and a disturbing one for that matter. So what needs to be done? What measures should you take to prevent your company from suffering the same predicament? Well, you might want to read the rest of this article.


Implement Password Security


Even today, millions of individuals still use predictable and easily hackable passwords such as “Firstname1”, “qwerty123” and  “1111”.  Your company’s data is valuable, and so, you should enforce stringent password requirements for all your systems. Ideally, make it part of a protocol to have passwords changed after every three months to prevent any keystroking breaches. Here are some good tips on passwords from Microsoft.


Do Not Allow External Hook-ups To Your Business Computers


Flash Drives easily get corrupted and can spread viruses which can severely damage your systems. Some hackers even put programs that put dangerous programs that send them back your valuable data. When you implement a ‘no-hook-up’ policy, you will be making your company’s files safe.


Limit Outside Access To Emails



Emails are known to be the fastest and easiest way for hackers to get access to your data. All that is needed is a phishing email, and your entire database is in the intruder’s hands. When you limit email access to the workplace stations only, you will have reduced the chances of being hacked through phishing techniques.



Using Virtual Data Rooms For Extremely Important Data



A virtual data room is a special cloud based location that only gives access to particular members of your business and ensures that your data is safe. As the company’s files will not be on your server, you can be confident that any attack on the company’s systems will not harm your most sensitive data. Your most important documents will remain untouched. Compare these virtual data rooms at Merger Technology.



Perhaps the best thing about these techniques is that they are easy to implement. You don’t need to be an IT expert to apply these security protocols in your company. So, why not lower the chances of being hacked today with the above simple methods?

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