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Have you heard the latest Search Engine Marketing News? Have you seen or heard of Prezi? pee are eee zed eye .com. I heard about it first in Costa Rica a few weeks ago just before Christmas when I saw the presentation system in use, it’s great and works in surprising ways. Well now it is available as an iPad app. So now you can show stunning presentations from your tablet. Now I have to admit that I did buy the Keynote app and that is incredibly similar to PowerPoint – but it works on an iPad, whereas Prezi is just cool and radically different – and it works on an iPad… PREZI itself is a start up and it seems to be based in Hungary – it has already raised capital from the TED Conferences and Sunstone Capital. It counts Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey amongst its advisers. People from the World Economic Forum, Stanford University, Facebook, IBM and Google are all said to be Prezi users, and you can count me on that list. So that is it, go over and check it out at, if you make presentations, you will be glad you did. For more Internet News please subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Ifyou would like to get the latest on how to combine Search, Social Media and Video to get a 40% boost to your next film, event or album launch, get in touch here on YouTube or call us in the UK on +44 207 953 8304, we would love to discuss how we can help you and talk you through a number of our best and most recent case studies. Since before SEO became a recognised term, Weboptimiser

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