Saving Money On Online Tools And Services A Blessing Or Disaster?

Saving Money On Online Tools And Services A Blessing Or Disaster?

One of the things as a digital marketer I decline to use is cheap tools and services for my online business.

Every now and again there are some free or low-cost online tools which do the job and are worth using, unfortunately, this happens quite rarely the majority of cheap or free tools are not worth the hassles of the savings you get in fact using them in your business can and often will cost you an arm and a leg.

Saving Money On Online Tools And Services A Blessing Or Disaster?

One of the things you cannot afford as a business owner is having a website that goes down, having an email list that gets deleted, having software that does not do properly what it’s supposed to. I saw one guy who charges 2 or 3 Grand for websites then put’s the domains in his own name and takes it from the owners, He then puts them onto the dearest hosting package which is like £30 a year.

I wouldn’t put my websites on £30 a year hosting unless I wanted disasters for my customers on a regular basis, cheap hosting results in crap search results in Google, websites that do not work, and a totally unprofessional service for your clients.

I see the disasters of people on cheap and free hosting services regularly tonight for example I saw a product that about 50 people have been promoting that website and the website is down.

Imagine the amount of time and energy and hours required to get 40 or 50 people to promote your product or service and then for the sake 0f being too mean or having a lack of knowledge to pay a $49 a month hosting the site goes down permanently or for hours at a time.

If you think you are going to get rich by selling products and services online, don’t be stupid and rely on Free or cheap services to run a business that will make thousands or millions of dollars for you.

After researching and paying for 10s of different hosting companies and services I have found the best safest fastest and most secure services and although you may pay $49 per month your business is safe as houses.

A good autoresponder will ensure you stay well connected to your database and a reliable payment system and opt-in software will increase your subscribers and income many times over.

Skimping online with your tools and software will not only make your business look unprofessional and I don’t mean paying someone 3k for a crap website with crap web builders and the cheapest hosting available.

These types of websites are for idiots who have no clue about making money online – Who knows maybe in another 5 or 10 years they will meet someone who has a clue and figure it out.

I help people set up and connect up their online business systems and make money online (Only if they actually listen) If they are working with a clueless Webdesigner or networkers who knows better then it’s a great idea they stick with them and enjoy the ride. 🙂

Having the right products and services will not only result in you having a better run online business but using and promoting the right tools and services will also help you create a residual income in the process.


I traveled for two months without working in my online business and came back to lots of commissions.  I watch stressed out employees or business owners who work their tails off to make ends meet because they don’t listen to good advice (They know it all) I on the other hand stress when I want to, it’s definitely not a full-time occupation as the residual income streams continue to roll in.

I know who’s boots I would rather be in, but maybe I just like to enjoy what I do and get paid when I am off. (Who knows)


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