Save Time Being Hit Up On Facebook Messenger With Business Opportunities And Network Marketers

Save Time Being Hit Up On Facebook Messenger With Business Opportunities And Network Marketers

When it comes to Facebook messenger countless hours of your life are dwindled away, getting hit up by people trying to sell their business opportunities or networking businesses.

Save Time Being Hit Up On Facebook Messenger With Business Opportunities And Network Marketers

I have absolutely no problem with someone I know and chat with on FB messenger asking me about something,  and even though I am busy running multiple online businesses of my own.  Will take a look or listen to what they are saying as long as they don’t make a daily habit of it.

The thing is to me Skype and Facebook messenger is like a personal chat, for personal messaging. For someone that you never met before to start telling you within 5 or 6 messages about their business opportunity is a real annoyance in fact it is a total pain in the butt. As far as I am concerned.

Now some marketer who brags I make $500 or $5000 a day selling stuff on FB Messenger, doesn’t do it for me..   I would say if a prostitute went, and knocked on 500 doors of houses owned by single males, dressed in a hot outfit and looking good.  She could make a few thousand  dollars a day too.

That does not make it right, or a smart thing for prostitutes to do. Does it???

Neither does hitting up people in their own personal space. When you do not even know the first thing about them.

I would not like to count the amount of hours I have spent explaining to Facebook Messenger prospectors I have no interest in their business.   In fact probably if I got the time back my age would go back from 44 till 40 lol..


Now the thing is you have two choices go through these back and forth copy and paste messages and keep wasting your time.

Or you could stop them in their tracks!!

The thing is it may not sit great with everyone, but I would say the people who will get annoyed the most are people who are trying to sell you some BS..  That you didn’t actually want or need in the first place.

In fact I got someone today who started messaging me and disappeared immediately..   So I would say it definitely works. 🙂

I paid $500 to do a course last year of a Internet Marketer who makes about 6 Million Dollars yearly online.


One of the first things I learned in his training was to stop spending hours reading other peoples sales emails.  One of the first trainings was how to clear out your inbox of junk and sales promotions. As these are not beneficial to your business, it benefits the person doing the selling, In fact you could end up spending hours every week doing this. There is no benefit from this unless you are trying to research sales messages for your own sales funnel.

The great thing is you can filter the messages into different inboxes and only answer the important ones.  Personally with emails I can flick through the subject or email and in seconds and figure out what it’s about.

Unfortunately though with Facebook messenger people may mess around for 5 or 10 mins before getting to the point. Or the 5 or 6 to and fro messages could end up taking a few days as they could be sent  minutes, hours even days apart.


So if you like people hitting you up on your phone, on Skype or on Facebook messenger, you can keep spending hours engaging in dialogue with them. In the hope that something good or beneficial to you or them may come out of it.  Or you may just be lonely and like the 10 mins attention, that you will get until they make the sale.

I decided today instead of going through the regular BS that they take you through.



Thanks for the add,

Hi How are You,

What do you do ..

Oh that’s great and what about you..

Have you ever blah de blah de blah etc etc.

There are two simple options.

1. Not to answer their messages  – This is really not my style as I always like people to know I am available, if they need help or advice from me or want to chat, but I know a lot of 5 figure earners who do this, if they do not think the message is important. It used to happen to me regularly with one of my mentors.  If  I message him about buying something though he answered immediately funny thing lol.. 


2. I just send them a nice short and sweet message.  Of course the message can be tailored to your own business or whatever suits you.   The good thing is though, it could save yourself a lot of hours of BS, and beating around the bush on Skype and messenger.

Hope you like it. .

Generally they will start out with.

Hello how are you.

Here is my reply..

[Their Name] I am fine thanks,

it is very nice to get a message from you.

But as I do not support and am not a fan of people messaging you on messenger, to sell their business opportunity.

To save you and me some time.   I will send you this message.

If you have questions about anything regarding, blogging, affiliate marketing or need help in setting up your online business feel free to ask.
Or if you just want to chat about something other than a business Opportunity your great company or networking product or business.
then feel free to chat away. I would just like to get that out of the way before going any further 🙂  …………..     End of Message
Of course not everyone will delighted about this message, especially not Facebook Messenger marketers, but do you really care?   Or do do want to get your time back, so you can do some more money making activities, or get to spend more time with your family and friends.  Instead of being a target for other people’s daily sales agenda?  That of course is entirely up to you.
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Save Time Being Hit Up On Facebook Messenger With Business Opportunities And Network Marketers

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