Pinterest In 3rd Position Will Twitter Take A Dive

Pinterest In 3rd Position Will Twitter Take A Dive

Pinterest seems to be really taking off it is now in 3rd position heading to knock Twitter down a few pegs. I have to say a few years ago when twitter came out for me it was like marketers heaven.  In fact I would have gone so far as to say the guy’s who came up with it at the time where geniuses. There where so many awesome features about twitter but the three best things about twitter they destroyed. How stupid was that okay first there was the Direct Message which people could actually see in their twitter account without having to go searching for it. There was the ability to follow 1000 people per day or more and them automatically follow you back. And then there was the etiquette being allowed to follow everyone or unfollow them as required by you.

As with most companies with control after a while they like to try and become God tell you who to follow when how long to wait who to tweet to. Who not to tweet too,not to cross tweet or you get your account banned with 60,000 followers that you built up over two years like me. I mean it became like a new police state. I mean it’s Fu**ing virtual it’s some Internet Connections why can these people not get a life if you like being in power join the US Marines or become a politician. Not on the net 🙁

Now my rant about why twitter has become hopeless as a marketing tool or at least cannot be relied on as a permanent one, as there are too many trigger happy employees and enough new terms and conditions to sink a supertanker. Is over I will tell you my view on Pinterest so far.  I have pushed the following boundaries purposely to see if they are going to become like our tweet friends by following lots of people in fact 6 till one.

As I have decided if they become like Twitter the best part was was how easy it was to get twitter followers with lots of new rules and regulations I want to stop spending any time on it at an early stage. If not I wish them luck as I think they will become what  twitter could or should have been before they pissed thousands of marketers off. I always give anything or one at least one chance. And as far as Pinterest goes so far it seems as good or even better than what twitter was a long time ago. If you want to find out more about Pinterest and get more pinterest followers just visit


Pinterest In 3rd Position Will Twitter Take The Plunge

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