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(PRWEB) January 24, 2005

Based in Minneapolis, MN, My Address Book LLC has set out to reinvent the personal address book by creating a website that allows individuals to assemble a personal online address book that will never be misplaced or need updating.

By using My Address Book LLC’s online address book, members never need to worry about updating their address book – it is done automatically. This is done by allowing each member to maintain their own contact information and allowing them to choose who they would like to share it with. Members can privately share contact information such as phone numbers, email or home addresses with friends and family. In return their friends and family will share their contact information. In a short amount of time an individual can assemble an address book of everyone they know and all they need to do is maintain their own personal contact information. Whenever a member makes a change to their address, My Address Book LLC automatically updates all the online address books of the people they are sharing their address with. If a member ever moves they only need to update their address in one place to notify everyone they know.

“The biggest problem with address books, be it traditional paper address books or computer based, is that they need constant maintenance,” said Kevin Lohmann, founder of My Address Book LLC. “By using My Address Book LLC’s online address book, members can quickly and easily assemble an address book of all the people they care about and all they will need to do is maintain their own personal address.”

With the online address book, all of an individual’s contacts can be added in just a few minutes using just their email addresses. When a user adds a friend or family member to his or her online address book, automatically sends a request for that person to create their own online address book. When the request is accepted, the new address is immediately added to both address books. This allows members to assemble a complete address book in a short amount of time.

My Address Book LLC will never sell or share personal information without permission from the member. “Your privacy is as important to us as it is to you,” said Lohmann. The company is offering a free basic account to new members. To sign up for a free account or to learn more about “the always available online address book”, visit


After Kevin Lohmann was married, he realized that keeping an address book up-to-date is a constant task. In an attempt to solve the hassle of using an address book Lohmann created a mutually beneficial program that allows anyone with internet access to create an online address book with an automatic updating feature. My Address Book LLC was created in May of 2004 and released the following September.

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