Never put all your Eggs In One Basket (Internet Marketing 202)

Never put all your Eggs In One Basket (Internet Marketing 202)

If you have been marketing online for a while, you will probably already know this very well. If you haven’t, then this is a valuable lesson that could save you lots of money and heartache in the future.  When people start marketing online if they have little or no experience, many times they will look for the cheapest way to do things to save money.

Thinking that when they make lots of money, then they will be in a position to buy all the things that they need.  The truth is that this is not really a good idea at all.  Most cheap or Free products come with a different price. I have lost a lot of income in the past by having too many eggs in one basket so I tend to move things around a little that way it keeps things much safer even if it costs a lot more money.

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I do not have to worry about my business disappearing overnight. Even with years of experience in the business things will happen unexpectedly the question is?  Are you prepared for them when they do. Or are you penny pinching and could you be left broke because of this habit. That is the million dollar question..

About three months ago I bought an Autoresponder it was from an Internet Marketer who is pretty well known in his field.  When I logged into the backoffice it seemed really good well designed. And also allowed you an Email import facility which I thought would be useful to backup emails from my other autoresponders.

As one of my upline told me on a webinar about three people on our team getting their aweber accounts shut down.  So I thought a back up was an essential when I heard that..   Just in case now the funny thing was because I liked the useability of the new system.

I started using it to send out emails to my team members,  then suddenly I realised it wasn’t sending the email it was going to wait for permission to send it first. Which I thought seemed pretty weird..

Then I sent an email to my list regarding a product launch one email and I got a message my account had been blocked…I sent an email asking why it was blocked for two months and why was i paying for an autoresponder for two months that I couldn’t use..

Hi Sotiris,

It appears that your campaigns are for an “Affiliate Product”.

At this time “Affiliate Marketing” is on the list of prohibited types of campaigns.

If your new campaign is NOT promoting an Affiliate product please send it to us for review.


 Yes you heard right a message from an autoresponder company saying you cannot market affiliate products RFLAO…
After more messages and a two day wait for a response each time I finally said..
My Autoresponder account has been blocked for two months in a row while I am paying for a list of 5000 subscribers which I cannot contact.

In your previous email I was told it was because I promoted a MLM or affiliate marketing product or service.
The fact of the matter is I cannot even login to send an email saying good morning let alone anything else.
I have never heard of an autoresponder system that does not allow affiliate marketing before.
I can stop using it to do affiliate marketing or promote an MLM type businesseseven if it sounds ridiculous, but the sheer fact that I pay for the system and cannot even send an email is a joke..
That one  is on me, obviously, as I am paying monthly for it. Time to move to Autoresponse Plus, I think?
If you cannot unblock my account, then please cancel it with immediate effect and stop charging my card..
Many Thanks
Myself, including my family,  friends and clients have bought lots of your products and services over the years and have never have experienced anything like this.
Let’s hope there will be better communications and services available in the future.
That actually does what they are supposed to do.
Suddenly I got an email giving me one day to log into my account and move my emails which took me weeks to load up. after paying for the bloody thing for 3 or 4 months..
I got some of my emails moved but tried to login tonight and it says the account does not exist.  So all my emails I put there are gone..  🙁
This lesson applies to many things including Social Media Sites 
Yes I had my You Tube Account Deleted
Had My Twitter Account Suspended
Had My Facebook Account Group Posts Blocked for 7 days.
Some ways to keep yor stuff safe.
Have multiple You Tube Accounts,Facebook,Twitter
Host all your videos on amazon S3 using This
Spread your stuff around lots of diffrent Social Media Sites not just one..
Have your own website or blog.

You Can Get One Here


Never put all your Eggs In One Basket (Internet Marketing 202)

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