Multi Millionaire Reveals His Secrets How To Make $995,000 In 20 mins.

Multi Millionaire Reveals His Secrets How To Make $995,000 In 20 mins.

It was almost ten years ago there I was in an audience of more than 4000 people in Brighton at a seminar.  The person who arranged the seminar made over 50 Million Pounds in sales in the last ten years using direct mail and Internet Marketing strategies.

It was really inspirational one of the things that really clinched the deal for me to go into marketing products and services online.  There where a lot of highly successful marketers there.

And after hearing the hosts story and a lot of great motivational stuff, quite a few great speakers came up on the stage to tell us their secrets to creating a successful business, whether it be offline or online.   I think I spent about 10 or £12000 pounds that day on three or four different courses.

But their was one speaker on the stage that day and he was pissed but I didn’t find that out until quite recently when I was on one of his live training events. And he shared his results with us.   He was pissed because on that particular day he made 995,000 dollars in 20 mins yes he was two sales short of making one million dollars in sales (selling digital products) speaking from the stage..

I ran and joined the herd who paid £3500 to get access to all his online products and trainings, it was like a feeding frenzy of starving people all leaping into the line to grab food.  Dying to sign that form and stick in their credit card details.

I remember about two years later he sold a live three day course it cost $5000 a ticket and you had to go to the US which mean’t flights hotels etc probably another $1500 on top of the 5k.   Unfortunately at that precise week I had just bought 2 plots of land and a house and had little hope of coming up with the money so quick..  So regrettably I missed it ..  Yes I missed a training where a person who has now made over $100,000,000 million dollars in sales. Would teach you how he made $995,000 in 20 mins speaking from stage.

Even if you think that do not think you want to be speaking from stage everything you do online, writing sales pages or selling your products. This information is invaluable it is something you need to know.  Or else spend years of your time to learn it for yourself.

The bad news is if you are ready to learn this stuff then you need to set aside three full days of your time to be able to take it all in and learn how to change your income by saying the right things to your customers or prospects.

The Good News is

  1. You do not need to pay $5000 for the ticket..
  2. You do not need to get a visa to go to America
  3. No need to order plane tickets
  4. No need to book hotels.
  5. You won’t need  a passport.
  6. No radiation scans/xrays at the Airport.
  7. A saving of probably $6500 in total.
  8. In fact if you click the link below today you can get in for FREE.
  9. You can watch it Live from your computer from anywhere in  the world with a WI FI connection.

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Multi Millionaire Reveals His Secrets How To Make $995,000 In 20 mins.

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