Are You Looking For An Opportunity Or A Handout

Are You Looking For An Opportunity Or A Handout

Does that maybe sound a little harsh well it maybe does but the truth of the matter is that there is a huge abundance of people out there with that mentality. I put a post up on my wall earlier yesterday about a business opportunity someone asked me for more information and I sent them the link.   Shortly afterwards I got a reply back from them saying it’s not my type of thing. Many people are daily bombarded with some amazing opportunities but they do not want to take any action they are looking for a handout,  A job a sure thing with as little effort as possible..

bottom feeders insertIsn’t it funny that in the world there are so many employees out there trying to do as little as possible and complaining they want a payrise.  Now if you ask them to take a risk buy a business or wait a while to make a return that will be completely out of the question for the majority of them.  Of course the guy with the business who has worked their butt off took the risks borrowed the money.  Setup the business is rich so you should get as much money off him as you can for as little work as possible.

This may not be everyone but everywhere you go there are lots of people especially employees with this sad mentality.

They don’t want to learn how to fish they just want fed.  Fast food curry in a hurry.. Instant Money , Cash In A Flash

If you want to be wealthy you have got to Stop Focusing on give me money and start focusing on what can I give to people that they want or need and get paid for it in the process.

Employment and government welfare tends to create a needy mentality I need more money more food more handouts.  Instead of them using their mind to create or do something valuable and be able to sell their products or services to people who need it.  The people who have created the most money have discovered how to create value and get paid by more people.

I remember one of my mentors in a business I was in called Derek Ross said to us at a meeting.


There are three types of people 


1.People who make things happen

2.People who watch things happen 

3. people who say what happened


Which one are you?

If you want true success you need to be the first type of person .  The type who takes the action and makes things happen.

In the last few days a business system which works with the current business I am in has gone live.  It just makes the process even better and the fact is you can get access to it today for $7 .

This system has generated me over $42,000 but of course not everyone is an action taker like me.

If you are an action taker then you can click here to join my team


If not then you need to look for someone else who can give you a handout, maybe something easy or a job with a nice secure cheque at the end of the week.

What will it be? That is entirely up to you the fact is this system will transform a lot of people ‘s lives will you be one of them that decision is entirely up to you..

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Are You Looking For An Opportunity Or A Handout

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