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www.localinternetmarketingsystem.com – In This Video I’m going to show you why the Local Internet Marketing System will forever change the way you generate business and why it might be the only marketing you’ll ever need, saving you money and making it simple for you to generate highly qualified leads. Did You Know…? -There are over 1.8 billion searches per month for local businesses -Over 50% of consumers say they’ve replace their phone books with the internet -Over 60% of consumers searching for a local business go straight to the internet Serious Question… -Can consumers find your business? -Get in the maps section of the search engines. -It’s the first thing that customers see when performing local searches -You will be able to control the experience your customer has before they get to your site -Get pre-qualified search traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing -It’s the absolute best traffic that is the most likely to convert into paying customers -Your business will reap the rewards of qualified leads being driven straight to your website -Get customers you’ve never been able to reach before -New customers will now be able to find your business -Those customers tell others about what you have to offer and the cycle continues.
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