Local Internet Marketing Anticonfusion Kit

If Local Internet Marketing is really the ultimate business-building power tool for this decade, why isn’t there a frenetic gold rush underway with every local business owner out there fighting to get to the gold field first?

Why isn’t the first page of Google, and every search engine, in every niche, already packed with local businesses claiming that incredibly valuable real estate, and defending it like it was the gold mine that it is?

Only a few times over the last 50 years has there been a truly revolutionary paradigm shift in marketing opportunities for local businesses. After all, most local businesses do not have an enormous budget to buy marketing power or the specialized marketing staff to plan and execute a sophisticated marketing plan.

Local Internet Marketing is a game-changer. Yet few local business owners even know what it means, let alone understand how to integrate it into their business plan. To most, Local Internet Marketing is about putting up a nice website…and then scratching their head wondering why so few people visit it… or why so few buy or opt-in or call or e-mail you or do anything to hold up their hand as a prospective customer.

So here’s a quick overview to clear away some of the confusion so you can see through the fog to the blazing hot opportunity that Local Internet Marketing offers. Here are the five most important things you should know and think about right now, before this opportunity passes you by:

1. Local Search is on fire – Your prospective customers/clients aren’t waiting around for you to get your message to them. They’re actively engaged in searching for whatever they need or want – online. I won’t rehash here statistics you’ll find in my other posts. But with 5 billion searches monthly for LOCAL products, services and information in the US alone – and growing every month – it’s time to get into the game – or else…

” I coulda been a contender” – Marlon Brando’s famous line in the classic movie “On The Waterfront” is potentially too relevant here. “If only…” or “What if…” are sad laments after the train has passed you by. And that’s what awaits you if you dismiss this freight train as another hyped trend. This is serious opportunity shouting at you, and you need to look at it with an open mind – right now.

Plumbers, movers, hair removal services, mortgage brokers, lawyers, auto repair shops, carpet cleaners, plastic surgeons, repair services, chiropractors, home improvement contractors, specialty stores, fitness centers, pet grooming salons, doctors, dentists, electricians, florists, septic cleaners, heating contractors, cleaning services, Realtors, insurance brokers, limousine services, painters, storage sites, pool & spa retailers, tree services, upholsterers limousine services, landscapers… the list is almost endless who can use Local Internet Marketing to dominate Local Search in their niche.

2. They’re not searching for YOU. Getting ranked in Google for your business name is good, certainly. However, people who already know that you are the best choice, but must search online for directions or a telephone number, are a small fraction of the searches that could lead to increased business for you.

They’re searching for solution providers because they have not yet identified their best choice. They’re still looking for the best solution to their problem or fulfillment of their desire. You can’t win that business if you’re not there as a contender. Only then can you fight to get their Attention… then arouse their Interest so you can get on their short list… then stimulate intense Desire for your solution… and then be so competitively on target that they take Action because you are the obvious best choice.

3. With 85%+ click-throughs on the top 3 listings on the first page of Google, what does that say? It says the real action in reaching ready-to-buy prospective customers/clients is dominating the first page of Google and the other search engines. That should be your absolute first priority right now. Nothing else you could do right now even comes close.

4. Local Internet Marketing is remarkable affordable… and it’s measurable to minimize waste. I know, you’re probably maxed out on marketing dollars invested in traditional marketing tools. But are those critical dollars working hard enough for you? Consistently producing outstanding results?

All I can say is this: Marketing investments should be entirely about Return On Investment (ROI). How much return are you getting from your other marketing investments right now? Do you even know? Local Internet Marketing is measurable so it can be refined and targeted to minimize waste… to make every marketing dollar count.

5. “But I don’t want to learn all that technical stuff…” Here’s the absolute truth: Despite others who may tell you that this local search marketing stuff is easy and can be easily learned, the reality is that doing it right isn’t at all easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it successfully.

Internet Marketing for Small Business requires a mix of research and analysis skills, complex automation software, advanced Internet Marketing and Branding strategies, creativity, data management and constant vigilance. It’s both science and art. It’s not for amateurs, and the idea that you can effectively manage it yourself, and run your business, is dangerous,

However, what is perhaps most exciting about Local Internet Marketing as a business-building tool is that so much marketing power can be so hands-off and still be so affordabe. Effective Local Internet Marketing must be managed by professionals and it must be consistent. It’s not a quick fix. It requires constant attention to assess results, make adjustments and stay ahead of a constantly changing Internet. But all the automation tools and efficiencies of scale available to a state-of-the-art Small Business Internet Marketing specialist make a totally off-premise-managed service for a low monthly fee achievable.

Many businesses find that the low monthly fees can actually replace other less-ROI-powerful marketing investments, and even reduce marketing expenditures.

Before you go another day accepting of the status quo or confused as to direction, call a professional Local Internet Marketing specialist and investigate how much this paradigm -shifting power tool can jumpstart your business.

Small Business Internet Marketing is the most effective way to generate new local leads using local search. A 35-year marketing guru shows you how. Check it out.

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