James Schramko Launches Super Affiliate Coaching Masterclass At SuperFastResults.com

James Schramko Launches Super Affiliate Coaching Masterclass At SuperFastResults.com

James Schramko – Super Affiliate and Expert Internet Marketing Coach

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) August 12, 2011

Internet and affiliate marketing expert James Schramko announced the launch of a 2-month-long Affiliate Marketing Masterclass at SuperFastResults.com. The training course, as Schramko describes it, will focus on building a successful business out of marketing other people’s products and will provide students with an opportunity to dissect two of the top minds in the business.

The workshop, hosted by James Schramko, will feature Andy Grand – his longstanding partner and co-founder of the highly successful SuperFastResults Internet Marketing Forum. Prior to their partnership, Grand became a student of Schramko. Combining the lessons he learned from James with his own ideas, the Swiss affiliate marketer propelled himself to the top 100 of ClickBank’s affiliates and is ready to teach his strategies in this Super Affiliate Masterclass.

Schramko says “Affiliate marketing is a business model very dear to me because it has allowed me to quit my high-paying corporate job and build a business around my passions, which are teaching and innovation. The stumbling blocks along the way can be very frustrating, especially when everything is at stake while operating on a limited budget. The goal of the course, for those in attendance, is to eliminate these hurdles and provide scalable, implementable knowledge on building a profitable affiliate marketing business by the end of the sessions.”

Schedule for the course is set to start on Monday, August 15th, 7 P.M. (AEST). More at http://www.SuperFastResults.com/SuperAffiliateMasterclass/

“The course will have limited slots as this is a hands-on training program. Coaching and forum support is guaranteed for 60 days. If you are serious about learning the skill set behind building a successful affiliate marketing business, we will see you next week at the masterclass.” -James Schramko

Details for joining and James Schramko’s contact information available at http://www.superfastresults.com/SuperAffiliateMasterclass/

About SuperFastResults.com

A private and tightly monitored internet marketing forum headed by James Schramko and Andy Grand, that provides ethical and professional mindset for both veterans and newcomers to the internet marketing scene.

Gain free access to one of the most popular SuperFastResults.com Webinars when you sign up to the SFR Newsletter at http://www.superfastresults.com/.

About James Schramko

Former General Manager of a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Sydney, Australia, Schramko started SuperfastBusiness 6 years ago. James has since become one of the most sought-after Internet Marketing Coaches in the world. Author of the tremendously successful Traffic Grab as well as the FastWebFormula live event series, James provides search engine optimization services to hundreds of clients around the world.

About Andy Grand

Former Vice President of a Swiss Bank partnered with James Schramko to create SuperFastResults.com, the leading Internet Marketing Forum. He has built an empire of Affiliate Marketing niche websites, information products and is one of Clickbank’s Top 100 Affiliates.

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