Is There Such a Thing As Affiliate Marketing Etiquette?

Is There Such a Thing As Affiliate Marketing Etiquette? And If So What Is It?

Whenever you first go to learn or do anything online, you do not have all the answers so you need to look for ideas, for mentors for training to learn how to do certain things.

The awesome thing is when it comes to affiliate marketing as an affiliate you get paid for referring customers and as many products and services are digital you can make a great mark up in some cases up to 100% but often 50% commissions when anyone buys through your link.

The thing is it does not cost you any extra to buy from someone’s affiliate link than it will actually cost you to sign up and buy the product or service directly from the company website.  It is exactly the same price, the difference is often someone will have spent their time, their energy and their experience creating content or personally teaching you the benefits and how to actually use the products or software.

I remember after messing around for a couple of years clueless with websites, before investing about 20k in my education and mentoring courses, I bought the courses and products off my mentors through their affiliate links, I mean how low would it be of me to expect them to teach me and expect them to not get paid in return. Or to go directly to the company link to buy after them spending hours teaching me how to use the software’s, products, and services.

I remember buying a shopping cart which I know paid out a residual affiliate commission it was $129 per month I bought it through one of my mentors and they got paid monthly on autopilot for over 13 years from that alone.

I bought countless others of another US mentor anytime he showed me how to set up my blog or buy hosting for my blog or set up my autoresponder I bought it through his link, as he did the training and spent his time showing me how to do it.

Now, most people I meet online have a conscience and care that their mentor gets paid and actually earns something for spending hours of their time with them.

But then there are others who think they are smart, think they are crafty, the truth is if done purposely I really see it as Thievery, It’s not smart, not smart on their mentor and certainly not smart for them. Karma Is A Bitch, can you imagine how putting out that attitude will affect your income online?  But worse than yours their income, as like attracts like, birds of a feather generally flock together.

I could mention a few people but here is an instance of it, I met someone who had never had a proper online business before, well they thought they had but it isn’t and wasn’t really theirs…

They didn’t know how to put together capture pages and autoresponders ETC, In fact, they had no idea which one to use.  So I sent them the link to the one I use for the last 15 years, now sometimes people quit their autoresponder accounts because they are broke lazy or do not understand they need one.   But this person did know all of this, after a while they asked me to do stuff on their autoresponder. Connect it with capture pages etc I noticed the invoice had not been paid, no bother shit happens cards fail and people have an account with no money in it all the time.

I and they could see the big red writing saying the invoice was unpaid, a few weeks later they wanted more help and when they logged into their account it was now an autoresponder account with a Free Trial.  That means they purposely tried to steal $5 or $10 a month commission from me so they could pocket it themselves after me spending about 10 hours of my time with them. This to me is the ultimate bad karma thing to do with any of your mentors, but look who gives a fuck about the $5 or $10 a month.  To me, it is the principle.

How many other products and people do they do this shit with, put the boot on the other foot now?  Imagine they spend 10 hours with each client training their clients to use the autoresponder and other software they get 100 clients over the year.

If they attract the same type of clients they will lose $600 to $1200 a month in commissions, and if they do this type of low BS the bad Karma will surely translate to a few of these people.   Now if the product they are selling is $500 or $1000 the karma could lose them $50,000 to 100’000 in commissions or better still they could sell multiple different products.

But it’s okay if they are broke, so maybe they need a Free lunch and I hope that stealing free lunches will stop them from being so broke 🙂

But to me, it sounds like the farmer who steals the seeds from his own fields, HA HA but maybe I think differently…


I then had another person who I told about a shopping cart, their mentor made 35K in one month after I set up his shopping cart, they where going to sign up under themselves,but they actually had the cheek to ask me to teach them how to use it, so they could steal the commissions off the company or the person who referred them(Me in this case), this is against the terms of affiliate programmes signing up under yourself,

Anyway, I told them to get lost in not so many words and good luck building their ethical business LOL…

Fuck The Nerve Of Some People…

So if you learned anything from this don’t bite the hand that feeds you, as you may end up being the one losing your hand multiple times in the future.

And if you really believe in Karma then start acting as if you really do 🙂


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Is There Such a Thing As Affiliate Marketing Etiquette?

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