Is There Something Missing In Your Business?

Is There Something Missing In Your Business?


Today I was away at a Mastermind with Pat Slattery most of the day there where some really useful topics and ideas and principles that where covered in it.  We all share ideas what is working in our business or lives and what does not. There was a lot of talk about price points when selling products and peoples mindset when it comes to business or their job.

For example many people believe that there is a set price point for their jobs or in many cases their businesses, the truth is that this really isn’t the case.  Yes some people may have certain ideas about price points of certain things.  A couple of things I have learned about Internet Marketing which is also applicable to other business models is testing your price point.

Many people will not agree to this and make excuses why it can not be done but for people who actually take the time to do Price Point tests the results can be pretty incredible.

A lot of people assume that selling a product for a low price will make it more affordable and therefore they will make more sales of the product. In fact even this can sometimes be a fallacy when prices of products are tested.

In fact some people will not buy a product if it is too cheap because they assume it is of an inferior quality.Why would you test the price point you may ask? Well if you sell a coat for lets say £25 and run an offer in your shop selling it you may sell 20 coats and make £500 in sales. You could then take the same coats change the price to £47 put them in a premium isle and change the name of them and ends up selling 50 coats in the same space of time. £2350 in sales this is a huge difference.

When it comes to buying things there will always be people looking to buy different priced and different quality things. So if you are in business I believe it is madness to ignore large sections of your market for example if you are a chiropodist and have people coming to pay you £20 per session. Why limit yourself to making only £20 off each customer?

Remember the different customers some customers want a kia, some customers want a Ford, Some want a Volkswagen, Some want a Mercedes Benz and some people want a Rolls Royce or a Ferrari. If someone is looking for the Rolls Royce treatment they will be ready to pay Rolls Royce prices.

Instead of selling them a £20 1 hour foot spa 8 hours a day and on a busy day make £160.
Why not sell them a £2000 or £3000 weekend foot spa and health retreat.

You add in a lot of extra treatments healthy foods, supplements, massage chairs, etc. So instead of working full blast 5 days and making £800. You could work two days spend an extra £100 on products, extras and make an extra £1100 profits working 2 days of the week. Question is do you offer the Rolls Royce option in your business?

Because if you don’t offer the option you are highly unlikely to sell it. What do you think? This one thing alone could be costing you a fortune in your business.

We happen to be in a business where we sell websites and information products online.

Whenever someone new joined our business the first video they would watch would be the video explaining the different price points of our products and what you would need to sell in order to create a $3000 Per Month Income.

This would be a breakdown of our pricing and commission structures.

Basic Kalatu Blogging System $25 70% Commission $17.50 Monthly Residual
Inner Circle Membership $100 Per Month 70% Commission $70.00 Monthly Residual
Kalatu Premium Different Payment Structure $100 Per Month
Top Producer Formula $500 70% Commission $350 One Off Payment
Team Building Formula $1000 70% Commission $700 One Off Payment
Mass Influence Formula $3500 70% Commission $2450 One Off Payment

In order to make $3000 a Month you would need 171 Sales a Month Of Basic Blog
42 Sales Per Month Inner Circle
8.5 Sales Top Producer Formula
4.2 Sales Per Month Team Building Formula
1.2 Sales Per Month Of Mass Influence Formula
1 Discounted First Week Special Discount All In Sale = $3000

From my own personal stats from this business between 1 in 5 to 1 In 10 People Buy All the products so If you want to make $3000 In a month all you have to do is bring in ten new customers for the blogging system and you will automatically be making the $3000 Per Month.

Please See Income Disclaimer At WorldInternetSchool.Com/income for more details and exact figures I can only tell you my figures not everyone elses’s.

I do not know any business where you can get these returns without having to create your own products and services. Where Kalatu Premium Members get access to our daily marketing mastermind webinars as a bonus to take your online or offline business to the next level using the Internet.

The crazy thing is you can try the system out today for a very low price


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Is There Something Missing In Your Business?

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