IS The Fear Of GDPR Screwing Up Your Business?

IS The Fear Of GDPR Screwing Up Your Business?

As with everything, when anything runs too smoothly the everyday guy on the street starts to make too much money.  The Government or Private Corporations as I call them, try their best to screw it up. Or find a way to turn it into a new tax, income or fear mongering tool.

I have seen my inbox going crazy with emails from people about updating their GDPR Privacy Policies and Terms Of Service ETC..

To me it seems like another Y2k stunt to extract profit from the people who have said enough is enough.  And started their own business online after retail businesses on the high street, have been brought to their knees by crazy taxes and regulations, that make being a business owner more like crossing a minefield.  Than being a business owner.

When I setup my first online business I had no intention of becoming a lawyer or a data protection expert.  So why on earth would I want to be one now?

Unfortunately there is a problem, if these scammers get their fingers deep into your pockets.  By creating laws that you have no more comprehension of.  Than I have of building airplanes, then it would be a sad state of affairs.

Question is what on earth can you do about it.

Well you can bury your head in the sand like an Ostrich. I have been there and done that before, paid the price and wore the T-shirt.

Or you can run around trying to figure out the solutions, and try not to have to get a law degree in the process.


I bought a product that covers GDPR and what changes need made on your website.  Unfortunately reading through it to me, was like reading Chinese. It was well over my head, and well beyond the realms of where I want to travel with my comprehension.

So to me it seemed like a bit of a waste of money, If I was wanting to learn the A-Z of laws. I could have bought Black’s Law Dictionary.

The thing is by this stage I was looking for a solution, rather than having my head buried in the sand like hundreds of thousands of website owners are doing right now.

And when you ask for something, it often appears as if by magic.

So here it is the solution to a lot  of your GDPR problems, that you might not have got solved until you actually came across this blog post.


I am installing it now, and the good news is that it’s a couple of plugins which seem pretty easy to install.  So far so good, there is a training video walking you through the installation process.

So you don’t need to be a rocket scientist or law graduate to take part in the installation.  🙂

Listen I am not a fan of GDPR and yes I do believe it is the latest EU, Government Scam.


But why make it any easier for them to target your business than it already is?

Here is the solution right in front of you


Click Here To Check It Out


I have also made a Free WordPress GDPR Training Video here showing how to set it up



If you haven’t already feel free to also connect with me on the social networks as well


IS The Fear Of GDPR Screwing Up Your Business?

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