Interview With Ray Rahman -How to avoid business failures?

Interview With Ray Rahman -How to avoid business failures?

Toronto SEO ServicesIn today’s interview I will be asking Ray Rahman of Toronto SEO Services some questions about his business.

Q.What is the biggest mistake that you see clients make when it comes to their business?

A. Biggest mistake I see Clients make they forget they will need to market their business as well as websites. Try not get too tied up with aesthetics of a website. Consumers cares lot less about beauty and much more about what a client got to offer but before even that they need to find out that you are even offering something and that won’t happen if you do not market your business and website.

Q.What difference do you notice between people who are very successful in their business compared to people who struggle to keep their business afloat?

A. People who are successful are the ones who have a clear business plan and budget allocated to execute each part of the plan. Do a market research to make sure your product even has any demand. Then, make sure you plan out what you will do to promote your product. Have a budget for everything. If you spend all your monies in production alone you won’t have money left to spend on promotion and without promotion your product will get nowhere.

Q What made you decide to choose a career in your line of business?

A.I loved to code when I was a teenager. From early on I knew that IT was my calling. I have been working on the Internet since the beginning of Internet and I still do. I believe you can be successful only if you are into what you really love to do.

Q. What advice would you give to your clients to help make their time spent with you extremely productive?

 A. Please do not hesitate to discuss your business plans with me. I will not steal your business ideas when I have an extremely good one of my own. I will only help make yours better.

Q. When compared to other businesses what do you have to offer that makes you stand out from your competitors?

A. Skills and Experience. As a veteran programmer it is easier for me to locate talented developers and experts. So we have a strong team which can help our clients succeed in their own endeavors.

Thank you for taking the time today Ray to answer my questions 🙂

End Of Interview..

You can find out more about Ray Rahman’s business by visiting his website

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