Interview with Chris Ducret

chris_ducretHi Chris, thanks for letting us know more about you and your business, In todays interview I will be asking you a few questions so our readers can get to know more about you and what you do.

The first question and one that I am very interested in knowing the answer to  is

1.What made you decide to actually start up your business.

Being bilingual (English/Japanese) I got insider access to every aspect of business. After the dotcom bubble burst in 2000 and being in Silicon Valley, a lot of technology was going for cheap.  I spent may days and nights acquiring technology for Japanese clients.


  1. What general type of problems do your clients need help with most are there any that stand out from the rest.

Both Board Room and Living Room business is the inability to see the forest from the trees. Primarily due to firefighting problems all the time.


A multinational multibillion dollar Japanese company asked us why they were not getting more sales.  They have a full sales team with a payroll cost of around $2M per year. Nothing has happened since implementing the sales department 2 years ago ($4M in investment).

They gave us their customer profile. The findings were simple, there are only 3 companies in the entire US that can buy their products. If they were to stretch a little more they could add 5 to the more potential list.  As you can imagine everything was turned upside down.
They are out over $4M and now have to restructure how they sell and market their product. But they are not going out of business anytime soon. They can afford the investment and mistake and now correcting it based on the intelligence.

Contrast this with our small business clients where the spending of money mistakes results in death.  A new client from earlier this year explained to us that he had not paid himself in eight months and was losing $6,000 per month. “What am I going to do.?” He was not going to be in business much longer.

We worked out a series of small steps that he immediately implemented. Within six weeks he was paying himself a salary and at break even.  He is extremely happy and now moves onto other small steps to further improve his bottom line.

As his bottom line continues to improve so does the owner and his family.


  1. If I asked you to give a full description about (200 words) of exactly what you do in your business what would it be?

We are Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company.  We use intelligence, technology and on-demand labor to slash the cost of any business operation.

Our clients tell me we are like the CIA with our own army that helps them.


4.What is the ideal type of client you are looking for?

Our BPO solutions are designed for businesses with to 1-20 employees.

Our intelligence services covers the 1 man shop to multi-billion dollar companies.


  1. What do your customers seem to like the most about your business/services?


The simple answer is, they like the fact that we cost effectively make them more money.


When we started with our first client, they were about $450,000 a year in revenue and losing -$160,000 half way through the year.  When we started to provide a little help in the middle of the year they ended the year with loss of only -$60,000.


The next year their revenue went up +10% but they ended the year with a NET PROFIT of $80,000.  Last year their revenue was up to $800,000 with a NET PROFIT of $250,000.  This year they will end at over $1.4M with a with a net profit that is being put to good use aggressively growing their business.  Not to mentioned the owner taking multiple family cruises this year.


When you know where your customers and market it is. It automatically answers the questions of how you are going to go get them. In order to know where customers are you need the intelligence so you can go after them cost effectively.
We have set up an Intel Report where we will be able to quickly answer who is there, how much is there and how do I get them.   Give us a call at 972-293-5525, mention you read about it on Sotiris’ blog and we will give you a 10% discount.


Find our Intel Packages at

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