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The world is currently submerged under a grave financial crisis and global economies are at the brink of meltdown. Maintaining one’s lifestyle has never been harder. And to cope with the harsh times more and more people are betting it all on putting up their own home based business that they think will succeed. But most of these new businesses drown in the competition and devoured by the bigger companies. One great idea to avoid getting washed away by the turbulence is engaging in internet marketing. Professional marketing plans engineered by certified expert internet marketing specialists are the best tools a startup business can use for survival. Search engine optimization assistance is one field where specialists can be of great help.

Search Engine Optimization

The primary strength of the internet is that it allows the publisher to conduct global distribution of information at generally nil marginal cost. This has made online opportunities limitless and more and more companies are now exploiting these potentials to help make their businesses grow. And search engine optimization which aims to have a website or webpage rank high in the result pages of major search engines, is the undoubtedly the best way to make your business known in the virtual universe. And the best way to learn SEO is with the help of an internet marketing specialist.

There are over a billion websites listed with search engines and more and more new websites are getting listed each day making the competition very tight and overwhelming. With so many competitors going after the same customer, most businesses, especially startups, find difficulty in getting good positions in the major search engines. Learning SEO and applying its techniques on your own can be advised, but such task can be very grueling and time consuming and you are very prone to making mistakes. Getting the aid of an internet marketing specialist specializing in the field of search engine optimization is still the best option.

Certified internet marketing specialists more specifically referred to as search engine optimization experts are adept at strategically improving your search engine ranking. These experts are masters of the tried and tested effective and ethical SEO techniques that can formulate a fool-proof search engine marketing plan that can result in your website pr webpages gaining more top SURP placements than any other plan you could have possibly formulated using other means.

Latest research proves that almost 70% of website traffic is derived from search engines thus making the search engines the best place to start your internet marketing campaign. The major problem however, is that most people only view up to the first three search engine results pages thus making those ranked in the 4th to the latter pages get almost no traffic from the search engines. These is the problem because the less the traffic, the less earnings for the business while the more the traffic, the higher the returns. SEO internet marketing specialists will definitely help you utilize search engines to gain new customers and keep the old ones hooked.

You better be careful in searching for the right internet marketing specialists to partner with because many claim to be experts but only a few know what they are actually doing. The most common mode of operations of such fraudulent claim-to-be-specialists is offering to rewrite the client websites meta-tags and then manually resubmitting it to over thousands of directories and search engines. They claim that this process that they are making available for you at only .95 or o will ensure a Top Ten ranking in Google or other major search engines.

The truth is meta-tags have already become a thing of the past. In fact, Google gives almost no attention to them anymore, and so will the other search engines in the very near future. Google is the current king of kings of all search engines and the other search engines are sure to follow Google’s footsteps. The greatest threat of tying up with a fake internet marketing specialist is that they can bring your site down instead of improving its performance. Google ban’s websites listed on farm-link exchange sites. These free-for-all link exchange sites are where fraudulent specialists will submit your site. They may even be using banned-by-Google auto-submitter tools. Google does these to urge people to refrain from using keyword stuffed meta tags and focus on the real element that drives search engine positioning, the content.

Content is king. No website element is more important than content. A real internet marketing specialist will undoubtedly offer rewriting of your content or writing of new content for your website. He will make your content appealing and useful for internet users while at the same time being attractive to search engine spiders.

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