Internet Marketing Plan

When marketing online, a solid internet marketing plan will make your campaigns successful. Right now the internet is in such a state that it is very easy to get overwhelmed! Stop! Don’t consider dropping out of the “game” until you have put your internet marketing plan to action.

Marketing Strategies

What online marketing options that are available to you? Online, there are a number of strategies you can begin using. Here are 3 rather broad areas you can use: 1) social sites and media 2) information marketing and 3) paid marketing.

Social media and content marketing are good strategies to begin with as they are mostly free. However there is definitely overlap between these areas since you can have paid or “premium” subscriptions to some content marketing sites.

Marketing Platforms

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are the more well known of the social media platforms. These social media sites are free to join which makes it appealing to internet marketers. Social media sites will require your internet marketing plan to make time to maintain and keep your profile current. By updating your profile with current information, these social media sites “market” well.

Share your knowledge and know-how online using content marketing platforms. You can write articles, make videos, create press releases and so on. The goal of content sharing is to become a leading expert in the field of knowledge you chose.

The internet’s purpose is a collaboration of knowledge and sharing of ideas. Google was founded by two PhDs who originally created a way to search and index university publications.

Any content you share will allow you the chance to be indexed and tagged in the search engines. Your popularity online depends on many factors including the perception of your authority level.

And any paid advertising is part of your paid marketing strategy. Paid advertising isn’t just limited to PPC and banner advertising; you can do it on Facebook and YouTube. How’s that for your internet marketing plan evolution?

Online Marketing Knowledge

Your internet marketing plan can include more than what was listed above. How familiar are you with the 3 broad areas described above? Are you already an internet marketer? Do you have an internet marketing plan in place? How do you plan to implement your strategy?

There are many questions to consider before beginning marketing. When marketing online, it is possible to spend a lot of money and have very little results. It is also easy to spend little money and get big results. It all depends on your internet marketing plan. How you implement your internet marketing plan will determine your success.

Once you create your internet marketing plan, then you can begin to implement. Once implemented, you will learn and adapt to new strategies. Good things happens around here…

Your Internet Marketing Skillset

The foundation for your internet marketing plan will consider the following:

1. Quantity of online sales.
2. Number of leads generated online.
3. Time alloted for internet marketing daily.

Beginner – Zero to very few sales online. Generated between 0-10 leads online. Can allot 1-2 hours daily for internet marketing.

Mid-level – You have made some sales online. Generated less than 100 leads. Able to market and research for 2-3 hours daily.

Experienced – Easily making sales online. You are generating 10+ leads daily. You are marketing 4-6 hours daily.

Your internet marketing plan should consider the above when making your decision. As with any marketing, online and internet marketing can be a full time effort in time, resources and energy.

Internet Marketing Plan – What To Focus On

Choose from the following broad categories when choosing on what to focus on. As a beginning and mid-level marketer, it is highly recommended that you focus on ONLY ONE from each of the categories. As an experienced marketer, you can comfortably handle two from each category.

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Myspace, Blog

Content Marketing – Video Marketing, Article Marketing, Blog, Squidoo/HubPages

Paid Marketing – PPC Advertising (Google, Yahoo/MSN/Ezines), Facebook PPC…

When considering paid media strategies, you MUST begin with a minimum of 0-0 per month in advertising dollars. You should consider paid advertising for a minimum of six months.

Good luck in your internet marketing plan and advertising efforts.

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