Internet Marketing Expert Nick Stamoulis Announces Re-Launch of his Online Marketing Website

Boston, MA (PRWEB) November 6, 2007

Nick Stamoulis, an Internet marketing expert with over a decade of experience helping a wide range of organizations achieve success through online marketing , is very pleased to announce the re-launch of This website will feature information on a wide range of internet marketing strategies including Social Media Optimization, Pay Per Click advertising, Affiliate Marketing, and many other facets of this very effective but sometimes misunderstood form of marketing.

Founder and Internet marketing expert Nick Stamoulis said, “Many people are curious about online marketing and how it can help their businesses become more successful but are unsure about investing in it until they gain a greater understanding of how these methods work together. The goal of my website is to explain these marketing strategies and provide a recipe for online success.”

Visitors to will be able to read concise articles that fully explain what each of these marketing approaches are, how they work, and how they work together to enhance an organization’s online visibility. Nick Stamoulis takes great care to explain why Search Engine Optimization , Pay Per Click , Social Marketing Media Optimization and Affiliate Marketing might be very effective for some clients, but ineffective for others. Effective Internet marketing requires a blend of strategies that are custom-tailored for each client and the new website will reinforce the importance of developing a plan before proceeding with any implementation.

A significant part of the effectiveness of an Internet marketing strategy is being able to respond quickly to and take advantage of emerging Internet trends.

People that have heard about Internet marketing and are looking for information about the advantages of this increasingly powerful means of reaching their target audience online are encouraged to visit or personal SEO blog for complete, unbiased information about online marketing strategies. The website also provides contact information where people can contact Mr. Stamoulis personally for a more detailed explanation about which Internet marketing approaches will provide the best results for their websites. For more information please call 781-223-3651.

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