Influencer Trends – What’s Happening In 2020

As online sales and marketing continue to grow, trustworthy influencers are relied on by many businesses both with online and traditional mainstream businesses.

Businesses need to get their message out to as many potential readers/prospects or clients as possible.

Of course becoming an influencer in any niche can take a lot of time, energy and learnings before you actually become well known in your niche/market/industry.

As online marketing and social media continue to evolve, keeping up with the latest influencer trends is important.

If you are serious about growing your brand or business in 2020.


Facebook marketing has changed a lot over the last few years, and what worked just a few years ago often does not work now.

Things like sharing your blog post or website will get your content ghosted or shadowbanned.

This means that only you and possibly a couple of friends or clients may be able to see the content on your profile or page.

Facebook pages reach have also gone down to about 3% or less unless you are using sponsored posts.


So even people with a huge Facebook Page following will only be able to show their content to a very small amount of their actual page audience.

If you are planning to do free Facebook marketing strategies to market as an influencer or business owner.

I suggest first learning a bit about the latest Facebook algorithm changes,

Another great place for top influencers to get more eyes on their stuff and find their audience is  Quora,

The great thing about Quora is people ask questions relevant to them and what they are interested in.


This means it is much easier for influencers to find their target niches and become even more influential.

So far I have received over 188,000 content views on my Quora account 5000 of those just this month,

I have noticed a lot of visitors to my website especially via my LiveChat widget have come from specific

popular posts of mine from Quora.

If you are an influencer then if you are not on Quora already I would highly recommend you joining

Quora and starting to answer some relevant questions for your niche audience or readers.


Instagram is the biggest up and coming platform when it comes to Influencer marketing and Pinterest is also very popular for many bloggers too.

If you are in any doubt about where influencer marketing is heading in 2020 and beyond

then you should also read this article

One thing I also do on a regular basis is seeking out other up and coming social networks as an influencer

I believe that you should get exposure in as many places as possible, that way you have more chances of increasing your exposure online.

Setting up a large number of social networking profiles can be done in a day, once created posting and sharing content on them

can be done daily in less than 30 mins.

As an influencer, you should always maximize your exposure to your target audience as much as possible.





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