Immacc Testimony – How a Mentor Made A difference in Internet Marketing Success Pam Eppinette How a Mentor Made A difference in Internet Marketing Success

Today, people judge your product or service by your website more than any other medium. Consequently, internet marketing has become critical to a successful business or organization. But it takes more than just a website and a Facebook page. Effective internet marketing is a continuous circle of activity that effectively delivers your message, sets you apart from your competition and draws in customers, members, patients or donors. First, a compelling website tells visitors what you can do for them. It must be easy to use and include a smartphone version. Second, search engine optimization ensures your site is read and indexed by Google, Yahoo and Bing. This requires keyword rich content, correct programming and back links from other websites. Third, search Marketing to attract visitors with an interesting blog, news style articles, press releases, social media like Facebook & Twitter that link back to your site Fourth, Youtube marketing with interesting videos that people in your market with watch and share. Properly done, you can earn money from ads placed on your Youtube channel. Fifth and very important, visitor analytics to understand how people are finding your site and which pages people are viewing. Six, make adjustments and keep the circle going. If you’re struggling with any aspect of marketing your company or services on the web, we can help. Call or email us and we’ll send you a free evaluation of your market and competitors.
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