Imagine A Time

Imagine April Fool 2020

Imagine a time when you won’t be able to go near your friends. Imagine a time when the stores will be empty.
Imagine a time when toilet rolls will be more popular than gold.
Imagine a time where cities install 5G radiation that kills and A virus pops out in those cities out of the blue.
Imagine a time when people are not poisoned by big pharma anymore, because they are scared to go to the hospital for a virus, and many of the hospitals are empty.
Imagine a time when towns of people are not sick but are waiting for 5G radiation to be installed in their streets and schools while they hide in quarantine.
Imagine a time when diesel goes down to £1 a litre again your cars are all full of diesel and you aren’t allowed to go anywhere.
Imagine a time when you can get fined 10s or thousands of pounds for going outside.
Imagine a time when the only way to communicate with humanity is zoom, or via telephone or video call.
Imagine a time when caged sheep choose to cage themselves for something contagious that maybe doesn’t even exist .

Happy April Fools Day Coronavirus/5G 2020.

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Bll Gates 5G and big pharma and our Illuminati friends

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