How To Save A Fortune In Halfords Shopping Spree

How To Save A Fortune In Halfords Shopping Spree

Ok well the summer is well and truely here and I decided it was time for a new bike I saw a bike for £300 and another one for £267 for my eldest son. Of course being a cashback member I decided I would order vouchers and get cashback on all my purchases.

The drawback of this was having to order them first which takes another 24 to 48 hours for the delivery to arrive. But I decided for 8% savings it was worth the wait. The man in Halfords offered to hold the bikes for me for a £10 Deposit but I decided to just come in and purchase them when I had my vouchers.

I also saw a really nice car stereo at a really good price and decided to get this too. Indeed why have one or the other when you can have both.:-) I believe in having little unofficial Birthday Treat Day’s every now and again. Two day’s later when I arrived to purchase the bikes they had all been reduced 33% So the £300 bikes 2 of them where £210 each a saving of £180 the £285 bike was reduced to £169 pounds a further £116 pounds off.. then to top it off I got another £78 back so all in all I saved a total of about £374 which wasn’t too bad for someone on a shopping spree.

If you want to get Cashback you can register 100% Free today To find out more go to

How To Save A Fortune In Halfords Shopping Spree

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